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How to Get Black Hair Color Without Dyeing Your Hair

Go dark for just one night. 

You ever wanted to try out a new hair color but knew in order to get the color of your dreams, you’d have to go through the process of bleaching and dyeing? With black hair color (along with many other hair colors), thankfully that isn’t always the case. There’s more than one way to go about this. Our top recommendations are to use a semi-permanent hair color rinse or a colored hairspray.

Unlike dyes, these temporary formulas can be removed from the hair after about one or two hair washes. What’s more, you don’t have to panic about the formulas causing any damage to your hair since they are free from harsh chemicals that are used in permanent hair dyes. Ready to try black hair color without the long-term commitment? Read on to check out two easy ways to finally get the black hair of your dreams.

2 Dye-Free Ways to Get Black Hair Color

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Dyeing to go black? Try it out with a semi-permanent option. Photo credit:

1. Black Hair Rinse

As mentioned in our guide to hair dyeing, semi-permanent formulas are formulated without ammonia or hydrogen peroxide, semi-permanent colorants are gentler than permanent formulas. The color remains until it has been completely washed out of the hair. What we love about hair rinses is that they’re so easy to use at home. After cleansing your hair with a shampoo, apply the black hair color and leave it on for the time instructed in the package. Just don’t forget to wear the attached gloves, or you’ll end up with black dye all over your hands!

2. Black Hair Color Spray

Hair color sprays are not just for kids, for touching up grey hair, and they’re certainly not just for creating your spooky white vampire hair for Halloween. You can use a black hair color spray to change the color of your hair in just a few minutes. One caveat: Some hair color sprays can leave a matte finish on your hair. When shopping around for the best option, choose formulas that tout to add shine or simply use a shine hairspray to set the hair color in with a glossy finish.

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27 October 2016