Frizzy Hairstyles: 3 Ways to Wear Fall’s Hottest Street Style Trend

Alyssa François | 29 August 2016
bob cuts texturized

Your guide to rocking frizzy hair…on purpose.

Let’s put all the frizz busters to the side for just a bit. Right now it’s all about embracing frizzy hair and letting your mane do its own thing. This may be music to those who love an excuse for heading out with an “I just rolled out of bed” look. Frizzy hairstyles are having it’s few seconds of fame at the moment; we can thank the street style set for pairing the mussed-up look with the most sartorial ensembles making frizzy hair the “It” ‘do to complete the look. The next time you need a simple hairstyle for a busy morning, opt for embracing frizz. Here are 3 ways to get frizz hairstyles you’ll want to rock.

Frizzy Hairstyles: 3 Cool Looks To Try

frizzy hairstyles short bob
Switch your blunt bob hairstyle for frizzy bob hairstyles. Photo credit:

1.The Frizzed Bob

If the bob haircut wasn’t cool to you before, we’re sure this new way to wear the cut will inspire your next trip to your stylist. Stepping away from the traditional way of wearing a pageboy —slick straight with a blunt cut— this disheveled style is packed with lots of texture and movement. To get the look, generously spritz wet or dry your hair with some of the Suave Professionals Texturizing Sea Salt Spray. Thenscrunch your hair and let it air-dry. One caveat though, while this hairstyle may seem like it needs minimal upkeep, depending on your hair type, your tresses can get tangled. Be sure gently comb through your strands with your fingers to detangle and sleep on a silk pillowcase and night to retain moisture and prevent waking up with a matted mess.

frizzy hairstyles blue hair
Frizzy hairstyles for curly hair. Photo credit:

2.Frizzy Ringlets

A lesson in turning lemons into lemonade (the hair edition) is this curly hairstyle. In most cases when it comes to curly looks, the bigger the better, right? For soft, pliable curls use some of the Dove Quench Absolute Leave-In Detanglerthen dry your hair with a diffuser. Once your hair is completely dry use an afro pick or wide-tooth comb to lift hair at the roots for some volume. Use your hands to separate the curls until you get the big and textured effect you desire. For added shine, coat your hands with a styling oil like some of the Suave Moroccan Infusion Styling Oil before separating your curls.

frizzy hairstyles high ponytail
Disheveled ponytails are totally in for the fall season. Photo credit:

3. The Artfully Disheveled Pony

What does one do when the weather decides to be your stylist for the day? Pull hair up into a ponytail and wrap hair into a bun to hide all of that messy frizz, right? Right! The next time this occurs, leave the hair ends out to create this artfully disheveled ponytail hairstyle. To create the look at home, pull your hair up into a high ponytail and back comb small sections until you end up with this textured result. Set the look with a spritz of TRESemmé TRES Two Freeze Hold Hair Spray.

Inspired by these frizzy hairstyles? Learn how to air-dry your hair the right way to help you embrace this natural look.