100 Years of Holiday Hair: How to Curl Short Hair for a Glam 1930s Look with Mini Marley

Eunice Lucero | 07 December 2016
how to curl short hair mini marley 100 years of holiday hair
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Mini Marley serves up some vintage 1930s glam for the holidays.

Mini Marley, hair vlogger and purveyor of all things fab on natural hair, is back to show off her holiday look for our latest hair series, 100 Years of Holiday Hair. In this installment, Mini Marley a.k.a. Breanna shows us how to curl short hair to recreate a glamorous, Hollywood-inspired 1930s hairstyle for the holidays—complete with pin curls and a front wave, all for that true tinseltown feel.

This look’s romantic, ritzy aesthetic is totally on point for your holiday parties, giving just the right touch of grown-up glitz to your ensembles. And even though Mini Marley showcases how to curl short hair on natural-textured locks, this hairstyle is perfectly adaptable to any texture—whether straight, wavy or curly—as pin curls prove to be the Great Equalizer in achieving this quasi-updo. Give these twirls a whirl below in this retro fab tutorial!

Tutorial: How to Curl Short Hair for a Glam 1930s Holiday Look

how to curl short hair deep condition

Start with washed and conditioned hair.

Mini Marley likes to deep condition her hair beforehand, particularly when she knows hot tools will be involved in the styling process. After deep conditioning hair, rinse by using a nourishing system such as Suave Professionals Coconut Oil Infusion Damage Repair Shampoo and Suave Professionals Coconut Oil Infusion Damage Repair Conditioner for a potent yet lightweight moisture boost.

how to curl short hair section

Section your hair.

Divide and clamp hair up into sections for easy blowdrying.

how to curl short hair blowdry

Blow-dry your hair.

Using the “tension method,” i.e. pulling hair taut with your fingers followed by a brush, blow-dry your hair thoroughly to remove any and all kinks.

how to curl short hair brush

Brush hair out.

Using a flat or wide paddle brush, brush hair out to further straighten. You can opt to blow-dry a second time if needed. Otherwise, create a side part with the end of a rat-tailed comb.

how to curl short hair section curl

Section and curl.

Using some duckbill or darby clips, section and clamp hair up again to prep it for curling. Using a curling wand, start twisting the bottom sections around the barrel, letting set for around eight seconds before removing.

how to curl short hair pin

Pin each spiral up.

After removing from the barrel, coil each fresh curl around your finger and pin down to your scalp with a duckbill clip. Repeat this pin-curling process on all your bottom sections across your head.

how to curl short hair curl top

Curl your top sections.

Begin curling and pinning your top sections, securing each ringlet to your scalp with a clip.

how to curl short hair pin

Repeat on all top sections.

Repeat pin-curling after all sections of your hair have been curled. Let set for a minute or so.

how to curl short hair remove pins

Remove pins.

Carefully remove the pins after a few minutes. Each should come out as a shiny, tight, defined ringlet.

how to curl short hair 10 serum

Apply some serum.

Shake out your curls and run your fingers through each spiral to gently separate them. Next, apply a serum from midlengths to ends, such as TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Keratin Infusing Serum, for shine and definition.

how to curl short hair pin back

Pin hair towards the back of your head.

Pull your curls back towards the curve of your nape and clip them down, securing with some bobby pins.


how to curl short hair front wave

Make your wave.

To create a retro-inspired wave on your hairline, pull back the curls at your fringe area and secure on the lower side, right above your ear, with bobby pins.

how to curl short hair pin back curls

Pin your curls all across your neckline.

Continue gently pulling and pinning your curls back, securing each just above your nape with some bobby pins.

how to curl short hair chignon

Pin ends underneath.

Mini Marley makes a faux chignon look by pinning the ends of each spiral underneath itself, effectively creating a bump. Do this for all of your curls.

how to curl short hair hairspray

Affix with hairspray.

Keep your curls in place with an even coating of hairspray. Mini Marley uses TRESemmé TRES Two Extra Hold Hairspray to lock those ringlets down.

how to curl short hair clip

Put your final touches.

How to curl short hair and make it look super glam? With some gilded hair accessories of course! Mini Marley clips on a few hairpins to each side for a true vintagey feel.

how to curl short hair final


Put matching clips on each side right at the seam of your faux chignon. You’re all set to stun!

Now you’ve learned how to curl short hair for your holiday party from the 1930s! Give this look a go and be sure to show off your party hairstyle using the hashtag #100YEARSxHOLIDAYHAIR. Be sure to check out our next video for a 1940s pin up hairstyle with Hannah of Away with the Fairies.

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