Curly Hair Tips to Help you Proudly Wear Your Curls

All Things Hair | 29 June 2016

Curly hair, we care!

If you have curly hair, you know how overwhelming curly hair maintenance can be. The key is to understanding your specific curl pattern, and adapting your hair care regimen with the latest tips, advice, techniques and products. As an ever-evolving hair type, curly hair advocates have recently been garnering more attention to empower women to rock their natural curls and wear them confidently. Sometimes that curly hair confidence can be found in simple curly hair tips so that will allow you to better understand and manage your hair. Read on to discover some of our go-to ways to help you care for your hair.

Curly Hair Tips

curly hair tips

1. Use a satin pillow

That cotton pillow that you have been using forever might actually be drying out your hair. Trade in your old pillows for some satin or silk ones. These pillows are really soft and smooth, so they won’t cause any friction or roughness to your hair.

2. Keep your hair moisturized

Moisture is everything for curly hair. Make sure that you use hair masks and deep conditioners as a part of your hair care regimen. You’ll probably also need some leave-in conditioner, which can help you smooth out your locks, leaving your manageable, soft and frizz-free.

3. Use a comb

Tangled hair can be frustrating can cause damage to your hair as you tug and pull at your hair to get out any tangles. We suggest using a wide-tooth comb on your curly locks. And if you’re having issues with combing, get some help from a detangler. We like the Dove Quench Absolute Detangler, a lightweight formula that works to make curly hair smooth, manageable and nourished. Plus, it also strengths your hair as it deals with annoying and toughest tangles.

4. Don’t touch your curls

We know this one is hard, especially after you’ve been moisturizing and taking care of your locks on the regular. But the continual touching (and tugging) of your locks can cause your hair to become dry and frizzy.

5. Use the right hair care products

Choose hair products that are specific to curly hair types. These products are specifically designed and created to make your curly hair even more awesome. Try the Dove Quench Shampoo and Conditioner. This curl-specific line is designed to clean and nourish your hair, making your locks more manageable and defined.

6. Use less heat

While we love a good blowout, heat can have some seriously damaging effects on your curly hair, causing it to split or become dry and damaged. Take a break from blowdrying your curly hair by rocking your natural ringlets. To embrace this look, use some mousse like the Dove Style+Care Nourishing Mousse.  This lightweight formula contains a Nutri-Style Complex that works to keep your hair nourished, leaving your curls gorgeous and defined.

What are your go-to tips for your curly hair?