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We are always thrilled when we get the opportunity to interview notable hair gurus. Recently, we had the chance to speak with Allison and Elad Bentov, hair gurus and innovators who have been on the forefront of new trends and techniques in hair for years. As a couple, they both have their respective specialities in hair where Elad focuses on dry haircuts for all hair textures, ranging from curly to straight, resulting in a surprisingly low maintenance haircut. He is also one of Manhattan’s most sought after hair extensions specialists who uses human hair and is able to match any hair type and color for his clients.

Allison, on the other hand, trained in Paris and went on to specialize in ombre and balayage (hair painting). She is now a master colorist who can transform dull hair to become bold, leaving the client feeling vibrant without damage. As a mom of three, she also believes in balayage as a low-maintenance technique for moms and stated, “expecting moms who don’t want to use chemicals on their scalp, are feeling gray and need a little spunk, I can always paint on a few low lights without touching the scalp to cover the gray hair, making them feel better without doing a single process.” Together, they have  worked on the hair of numerous personalities, celebrities, magazines and on feature films, creating beautiful hairstyles and color. Read on to check out our interview with the Bentov’s to get some insight into their areas of speciality.

Interview with Two Notable Hair Gurus

Elad Bentov: notable hair gurus

All Things Hair: How did you get started in dry haircutting?

Elad Bentov: Throughout my 25 years of experience, I felt that when you start to cut the hair when its wet you lose a lot of elements of the hair. For one, the hair is not the same. It can be heavier when it is wet and you can’t feel the texture of the hair. We developed a dry cutting technique that answers all of these issues, resulting in hair that’s low maintenance, even and beautiful!

All Things Hair: What’s the best hair type for extensions?

Elad Bentov: It’s all depends on the natural texture of the client. Then, I am able to match the right color.

All Things Hair: How long does the hair extension process take? How long do they last?

Elad Bentov: It’s depends if we do a full head or if we are just adding extensions for thickness. That’s the beauty in hair extension you have multiple choices. A full head of extensions will take approximately three hours and for thickness, it will take an hour. They will usually last for around three to four months.

All Things Hair: What’s the best way to take care of hair extensions?

Elad Bentov: Brush the hair extensions daily and gently with the right extension brush. Also, be sure to avoid greasy products on the roots.

The beauty of balayage is that it does not touch the scalp and we can paint to frame the face leaving anyone feeling like they just stepped off the yacht.”-Allison Bentov

hair gurus Allison Bentov

All Things Hair: What do you love about balayage hair?

Allison Bentov: What I love about balayage is that it is not damaging at all. It is all freehand, so you have total control on your placement and can avoid any areas that may have been damaged from previous hair coloring.

All Things Hair: What is the best hair color combinations for balayage or ombré hair?

Allison Bentov: The best color combos on dark brunette is a tortoise shell or ice tea color ombré. On light brown a honey color tone ombre is nice and on a blonde a buttery soft beachy color is nice as an ombré

All Things Hair: How long does the process take?

Allison Bentov: It all depends on the length of the hair. Usually no more then 1-1.5 hours from start-to-finish

All Things Hair: What is the best way to maintain this color?

Allison Bentov: The best way to maintain balayage is use your favorite color-treated shampoos and conditioner. And always make sure that the front of your hair has a little lightness to it to help make your color look natural. For people who are low maintenance, ombré is the way to go. It doesn’t have to be a drastic where you can try a sun-kissed ombré that’ll let you go months without retouching your color.

The couple is available for private appointments. Email for appointments. 

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05 October 2016