Editors’ Picks: Hairstyles We Rock When We Workout

Serena Norr | 12 August 2016

Favorite workouts revealed of the All Things Hair team and the hair care products we use!

Most days you can find us behind our computers on the hunt for the latest hairstyles and hair trends. While we love that kind of extensive research and writing, we also know that getting away from the computer every now and again is important for that whole balance thing. To destress, our crew of editors loves to exercise. But working out also involves configuring our hair into the most comfortable style and refreshing it the best way we can post-sweat sesh. Read on to discover some of our favorite hairstyles that we rock when we workout and the products that help us get out hair back

Editors’ Picks: Hairstyles We Rock and the Products We Use

FYI – All Things Hair editorial team is not pictured below:

hairstyles for running messy bun

Serena Norr, Editor-in-Chief

Hairstyle of Choice: Messy bun

Workout: Busy is the normal, right? I’m totally cool with that but that also means that I don’t have that much time to workout. For me the answer is outdoor running. I love the combo of an intense run as I soaking in some time outdoors.

Favorite Post Workout Hair Product: Since running makes me crazy sweaty, I usually have to take a shower where I wash and condition with the TRESemmé 7 Day Keratin Smooth Shampoo and the TRESemmé 7 Day Keratin Smooth Conditioner. As someone with wavy and borderline frizz hair, I love how this formula makes my hair smooth, and dare I say it, more manageable!

hairstyles for yoga

Eunice Lucero, Senior Beauty Editor

Hairstyle of Choice: Three-strand braid

Workout: I started yoga and Pilates in 2003 and recently came back full force. The fluid, muscle-elongating dance-inspired moves are always something I never get tired of (I legit get pangs when I skip a class) and work wonders on whipping my curves into shape. Living in New York can get overwhelming, and yoga has, quite literally, saved my life — and sanity — on more than one occasion.

Favorite Post Workout Hair Product: Nexxus New York Salon Care Humectress Luxe Light Conditioning Mist is a staple in my tote. I can make do with gym-issue shampoo and conditioner, but without this, my hair wouldn’t survive: between the humidity, inversion poses and elastic tugging, it gives my strands much-needed TLC.

hairstyles for spinning top knot

Alyssa François, Associate Beauty Editor

Hairstyle of Choice: Top knot bun

Workout: Spinning because it’s challenging (I love a challenge!) and because riding bike is my favorite activity.

Favorite Post Workout Hair Product: If after a spin class, I use dry shampoo like the Dove Detox & Purify Dry Shampoo because this workout seriously leaves my hair drenched with sweat and oil. It instantly soaks it up and has me ready to start my day refreshed.

hairstyles for kickboxing

Miriam Herst, Editorial Assistant

Hairstyle of Choice: High ponytail

Workout: Kickboxing is my favorite workout, hands down. I get all of my energy out after sitting in front of a computer all day and have a lot of fun challenging myself in the process.

Favorite Post Workout Hair Product: The walk home from the gym is the perfect time to get some fresh air in my hair post-workout. Then, I follow up with some dry shampoo and use some TRESemmé Tres Two Extra Hold Hairspray to lock in my new look.

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