Best Haircuts for Guys with Thinning Hair

Miriam Herst | 18 November 2016

Your guide to faking thicker hair.

Even on the best days, thinning hair can be a major confidence killer. All it takes is running your hands through your strands and feeling a little less hair than you’re used to, and a feeling of panic can set in. We’ve rounded up a handful of the best haircuts for guys with thin hair to try, so that no matter where you are in your personal hair journey, you’ll more or less feel good about yourself.

Keep reading to discover some of the best haircuts you should be trying. You can thank us later.

Best Haircuts for Guys with Thinning Hair

best haircuts
Consider this option if you’re looking to embrace your natural texture.

1. Think about volume.

What you’re lacking in density, you can make up for in volume. Grow your hair out long enough to leave room for a decent curl. A mousse like Catwalk by TIGI Strong Hold Mousse is your secret to thicker-looking curls and is also the key to faking a head full of hair. Apply a golf ball-sized amount to your damp strands and scrunch it with your fingers to get the curls going. Rough-dry with a blowdryer using your fingers, and then enjoy the fun that comes with running your fingers through hair that bounces back.

best haircuts
Brush it forward to fake thickness and look cool doing it. Photo credit: Dvora

2. Brush it forward.

Embrace your thinning hair by cutting it short on the sides and growing it out up on top à la fade or undercut. Brushing it forward gives the impression of a lot more hair than you’ve actually been blessed with. Take advantage of this combed-through look and magnify it by adding a touch of Axe Spiked-Up Look: Extreme Hold Gel to your hair before you brush it.

best haircuts
A new take on an old (not so effective) favorite.

3. The Modern Combover

Frankly, the combover was a sad attempt to disguise thinning or balding hair back in the day. The possibility of a small line of hair covering the top of someone’s entire head wasn’t so likely to be successful. Enter: the modern combover. Opting for a deep side part and growing out the majority of your hair is the way to go. This way, brushing it over to the side is more of a style statement than a way to unintentionally age yourself.

best haircuts
Less hair = less problems.

4. Shave it off.

Shaving off most (or all) of your hair is an easy way to avoid the issue of thinning hair altogether. Upkeep is easy with hair that’s all buzzed into a uniform length like this, and the comfort levels have got to be out of this world.

best haircuts
How to rock long hair without looking grungy.

5. Let it grow, then trim the ends.

Consider the possibility of growing out your hair and letting the length distract from the thinness. What used to be a style reserved for the musically-inclined (and grungy) subculture has now opened up to the masses. The key to rocking this style confidently is keeping your hair trimmed and clean, and avoiding the whole ‘misunderstood guitarist’ vibe. Dove Men+Care Fresh & Clean Fortifying 2 in 1 Shampoo + Conditioner helps give you that deep clean without messing with your morning routine. 

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