Hair Oil for Men is Now a Thing, and Here’s How to Use It

We lay down the basics on how a quality mens hair oil can actually fill in the gaps in your grooming routine.

Trust us, we know the last thing you want in your morning routine is one more step to add into the mix. As if showering with a separate shampoo and conditioner wasn’t enough of an evolutionary step! It turns out hair oil for men is now a thing, too.

Relax—it’s not as fussy as it sounds! Read on and see how picking up a hair oil in lieu of thicker products might actually be worth the investment:

hair oil for men slick back
Hair oil isn’t as greasy or heavy-feeling as other products.

When it comes to gels and pomades, it’s a constant struggle to find a consistency that works for you. The challenge is that a heavier feel is a common reality with most of them, which upon constant use can be quite off-putting—not to mention may also contribute to dandruff symptoms like flaking and itching particularly when not rinsed off well.

Multi-Purpose and Lightweight

That’s where hair oil for men comes in: It can fill the gap for guys who need a bit of moisture and sheen in a more lightweight formula. And, just like your favorite old reliable 2-in-1, it also has a dual purpose of styling plus conditioning, similar to your textbook leave-in conditioner. A couple of pumps helps tame flyaways and frizzy hair (which is especially relevant for wavy or curly types). It also helps keep hair smooth and in place by providing a bit of slip, which is something to look into if you’re into looks like ponytails, knots or man buns. If a little more hold along with conditioning is what you’re looking for, go for the perfect hybrid, SheaMoisture Men Argan Oil & Shea Butter Defining Cream. This product has the benefits of an oil and also the hold of a lightweight styling cream, a perfect mix.

hair oil for men man bun
A hair oil helps smooth strands down for ponytails and buns without the grease. Photo credit: Allyson Alapont

Great For Taming Frizz

For straight hair, it adds some shine without feeling sticky or crispy. Bonus: you really don’t need much. Ironically enough, a quality mens hair oil won’t make your hair actually look oily. A couple of pumps—roughly a dime-sized amount, depending on your hair length—is more than enough for a day’s look. For those looking to tame some frizz and achieve a smooth finish, add some of The Good Stuff Frizz Control Oil to your style.The best part is you can keep it as low-commitment as necessary. Use it only as needed depending on your chosen hairstyle for the day.

hair oil for men afro
Afro hair or other thick, curly types benefit from the nourishing and taming properties of a hair oil. Photo credit: Dvora

If you really need some moisture, Nexxus Oil Infinite Nourishing Hair Oilhas six (!) different oils to help tame and condition. This is ideal if your hair is on the thicker, unrulier side. Either way, you get to go about your business without having to worry about your hair ruining your flow. Because if there’s anything we know for sure, it’s how weather can mess with a good hair day!

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