Video: How to Shape Afro Hairstyles with a Fade

Serena Norr | 22 May 2016
Afro hairstyles fade
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Shape your afro in seconds.

Afro hairstyles are personified for their big hair and thick texture. A classic men’s hairstyle since the ’60s, afro hair is making a modern-day resurgence that can be molded and shaped into various looks. You can go really big or contain the ‘fro. You can also add an undercut or a fade to the look to mix it up a bit. To learn more how to shape an afro hairstyle with a fade, we checked out the Instagroom video from Axe (above) to better understand this shaping technique and what products to use. This is a style all your own and once you hone in on the skills to style it, you’ll quickly see how easy it is to master this look.

How to Shape Afro Hairstyles with a Fade

Use a pick

The go-to hair care product for afro hair is the pick. This comb works to create your signature style and length of your afro. Section your hair as you use the pick on dry hair or damp hair. The style is renowned for its big and upwards locks, which the video suggests you can create by combing your hair upwards.

Use some cream

Afro hair can get very dry. Create your style, while also adding some moisture to your hair with some hair cream. Make sure that you get a good amount in your hands as you work the substance into your afro hair.

Try: Axe Peace Control Cream

Use a sponge

One really cool trick that we learned from the video is to use an everyday sponge to style your hair! Who knew?! Use the sponge and make a small circular motion around your head. This can give you the right size curls for a crazy, but contained style. Plus, you’ll get a head massage in the process!

How do you style your afro hair?


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