6 Fun and Creative Ways to Wear Weave Ponytails on Natural Hair

You will never go back to the standard weave pony.

Weave ponytails are not only a beautiful way to add length to and dress up your natural hair, but also a great protective styleThe high ponytail with weave is a classic way to dress up natural hair. It is not only a great protective style but a beautiful way to add length and dress up your look. With weave ponytails being a classic and timeless look, you may be looking for ways to spice up your ponytail looks. 

6 Fun & Creative Ways to Wear Weave Ponytails on Natural Hair

Here are 6 stunning ways to wear weave ponytails with your natural hair.

 1. Slicked Back Natural Ponytail

An easy + sleek slick back weave ponytail hairstyle.

To achieve this, find a hairpiece that is close to your hair’s curl pattern. Then slick back your natural hair using a gel such as Suave Professionals Castor Oil & Mango Butter Defining Gel. After slicking back your natural hair, attach the natural weave ponytail to the back of your hair to where your own natural hair sticks out from the slick back. Use as many bobby pins and clips as you need. Voila! You now have the perfect style for all your formal events such as weddings, prom, and more. 

 2. The Rapunzel Braid

Adding extra length to your ponytail and braiding it is bound to give your hair a sleek rapunzel-like look. Photo Credit: @keena_hall

Instead of opting for an average-length high ponytail with weave, let down your hair by adding some extra inches to your ponytail. For an extra sleek and cohesive look, turn the ponytail into a braid. This is a simple and easy style that will take you no more than an hour to complete.

3. Voluminous High Ponytail

Adding extra strands to your volume ponytail will give it a glamorous ounce of volume. Photo Credit: @aiyanacrump

Add some extra strands to your high ponytail with a weave to give it a beautiful boost that will leave your hair looking fuller and more voluptuous. A touch of waves or loose curls to your ponytail will have it ready just in time for all your summer looks. 

4. Decorate Your Ponytail with a Scarf

bun with scarf
Decorating your ponytail/bun with a scarf goes a long way in terms of style. Photo Credit: @adwoa.dime

A great way to dress up the classic high ponytail with a weave is to add cute accessories that spice up the ponytail. For example, a colorful or printed scarf could go a long way. Wear it wrapped around your ponytail or turn your ponytail into a bun and wrap it around that way for an even more unique look. To snatch your edges, for this hairstyle, try slicking them back with the Emerge Edge Control

5. Decorated Bubble Ponytails

For an extra flair to your pigtails. bubble it up, and add some cute accessories. Photo Credit: @_ciara.chanel

The bubble-high ponytail with weave is an effortless look that goes a long way in terms of style. This look can easily be achieved by attaching textured ponytail hair and adding hair ties throughout the ponytail. Remember to evenly space out the hair ties, and for extra flair, add some accessories like butterfly and flower clips. 

6. Down-back Bubble Ponytail

A great way to also dress up the bubble weave ponytail is to wear it back, almost like in the French braid style. Photo credit: @theacaciamcbride , Hair by Ruslan Nureev

Another beautiful way to wear the bubble weave ponytail style is to wear it high up and down your back. For hairstylist Ruslan Nureev, this look is not only mega-creative but also a great way to reform the classic weave ponytail. To top off this look, be sure to add a radiant-looking shine to your hair with Nexxus Clean & Pure Nourishing Detox 5-in-1 Invisible Hair Oil.

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