6 Ski Season Hairstyles to Wear This Winter

Let's call these bunny slope hairstyles.

There are two kinds of people during winter: Those who want to escape to somewhere warm, and those who can’t wait to go for some fun on some freshly-powdered snow. Though we admittedly fall in the first camp most of the time, we also love the idea of a ski season vacay that helps us enjoy and make the most of the sub-zero situation we’re in and also rekindle an appreciation for cozy, cabin fires and snowy weekend escapes.

When you’re doing your hair for your ski season outings, you’ll need a style that’s easy to master—not to mention one that looks stylish after you take off your hat or helmet! Ready to hit the slopes in style? Check out some of our favorite ski season hairstyles below:

6 Ski Season Hairstyles We Love

ski season waves
Cutie patootie hair.

1. Naturally Wavy Hair

If you’ve got natural waves we’re calling it a requirement to show them off. Naturally wavy hair looks amazing under winter hats. Plus, this style offers your hair a nice change of pace from heat styling. Just pop in a little bit of Suave Define & Shine Serum Gel to help define your curls. You can also check out our wave defining hair routine for some more inspo. If you don’t have naturally wavy hair, you can always style your hair to look wavy!

ski season pigtails
The most grown-up pigtail look.

2. Adult Pigtails

Pigtails don’t have to look childish if you style them correctly. Going for added volume at the roots will help to age up pigtails. Oh, and teasing your roots will totally help from the hat/helmet hair smush. A couple of other quick fixes are covering your hair tie with a section of hair, curling your pigtails. Voluminous curls (not perfect corkscrew curls) really make this style.

ski season curly hair
The most romantic ski season hairstyle.

3. Big Curls

There is just something so cute about voluminous curls tumbling out of a winter hat. There are a bunch of different ways you can curl your hair, but we think your best bet for ski season is with big pin curls.

ski season wavy hair
Waves for days.

4. Quickie Textured Waves

If you’re going to be going hard this ski season, don’t bother with perfect looking hair. Instead, go for a perfectly imperfect textured look. You can wear your hair straight and textured for a grungy look, but we prefer textured waves. If you have naturally wavy hair, you’re already set! Just use a little bit of texture spray, like Love Beauty and Planet Coconut Milk & White Jasmine Salt Spritz Texture Spray, to make your hair more textured. If your hair isn’t wavy, wear your hair in braids the night before as you create heat-free waves.

ski season lodge hairstyles
A ’90s-inspired look for your day of skiing. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

5. Curled Under

For a more demure look (that may be best set for lodge instead of the slopes), try the curl under hairstyle. All you need is your flat iron. So, instead of trying to make your hair totally straight to the ends, when you’re two inches from the end of your hair, twist to curl your hair under. We love this look because it helps to give straight hair a more voluminous look. So fab, right?

ski season blowout
Maybe don’t wear this one on the slopes.

6. Straight Blowout

Another ski lodge-approved style to try out is this sleek and straight blowout. Nothing quite combats a big puffy sweater like straight hair! Doing a blowout on your own hair isn’t all that hard. You just need to master a little hand-eye coordination. Start off with some heat protectant and hair serum to get the sleek and shiny look. We like Nexxus Humectress Encapsulate Serum that superbly hydrates while taming frizz. To get the straight hair look, blowout your hair by using a large size round brush. Tame any additional flyaways and you’ll be ready to hit the slopes.

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