11 of the Best Shaved Hairstyles for Black Women

Short, sweet and edgy styles you'll love.

While there is comfort in having long hair since you can style it a number of ways, there’s something really liberating and fun about short hairstyles. At the moment we’re having a slight obsession with shaved hairstyles for black women. Whether you believe it or not, you can update the look of your shaved hairstyle to create fun, fresh and new styles and we’ve got the proof.

Scroll through this gallery to see how you can pull off any one of these shaved hairstyles for black women whether you’re going for a buzzcut, a pixie with an undercut, or a side shaven look:

shaved hairstyles for black women: bald shave
Dare to go bare with your hair.

1. The Bald Shave

Go all the way for the shaven look with this bald style. There’s nothing more freeing than going for this bald style.

shaved hairstyles for black women blonde
Add life with color.

2. Blonde Shave

Just because you shaved your hair off that doesn’t mean your look has to be boring. Go bold with a platinum blonde hair color to make your look stand out.

shaved hairstyles for black women: blue mohawk
Go with the blue.

3. Blue Mohawk

Tired of wearing the same mohawk style but don’t want to get rid of it just yet? Update it with a fun hair color. Everyone loves a blue hue, no?

shaved hairstyles for black women: cotton candy crochet
Such a yummy hair color. Photo credit: Allyson Alapont

4. Cotton Candy Crochet

This is a look you definitely need to add to your shaved hairstyles for black women list! You can get the best of many words with this hairstyle. This crochet style with cotton candy colors and a side shave is everything you need to create a fun hairstyle.

shaved hairstyles for black women: curled mohawk
Set it with rollers.

5. Curled Mohawk

Love the look of roller set hairstyles? Leave your curls in after setting your hair with rollers to recreate this look. Set hair with TRESemmé Compressed Micro Mist Hairspray Extend Hold Level 4 to lock your curls in place.

shaved hairstyles for black women: curls
Cute natural style for curly girls.

6. Wash and Go Mohawk

Create defined wash and go styles on your mohawk hairstyle. If you’re after curls without the crunch, use Dove Absolute Curls Supreme Créme Serum to style your hair.

shaved hairstyles for black women: combed out curls
Brush your curls out for an undone look.

7. Combed Out Curls with Undercut

Switch up your curly undercut style and create this fluffy brushed-out look. Use a detangling brush to gently undo your curls and set with a shine spray.

shaved hairstyles for black women: long hair
You can wear this look more ways than one.

8. Long Wavy Hair with Undercut

If you’re looking for shaved hairstyles for black women with long hair, this is your pick. When you want to hide the shaved side of your hair, you can just flip your hair over to hide it.

shaved hairstyles for black women: side part
Play around with that real estate.

9. Shaved with Side Part

It’s all in the details! Add a side part to add a fun detail to your look.

shaved hairstyles for black women: pixie undercut
Add an edgy look to your pixie cut.

10. Pixie Undercut

Create an edgy look with your pixie by adding an undercut to your look. Recreate this sleek style with Nexxus Exxtra Hold Sculpting Gel.

shaved hairstyles for black women: wild mohawk
Fun and wild!

11. The Wild Mohawk

Make a fun and wild statement with this mohawk style. Add a bit of color with the use of highlights to add dimension to your style.