5 Surefire Healthy Hair Tips

Allison | 08 November 2016

Healthy hair tips we swear by.

We know that you want to learn about healthy hair tips that actually workbecause we do too! Healthy hair has a way of looking gorgeous, shiny, and is easier to style. Because we know that getting healthy hair while keeping your signature style and color can involve a lot of trial and error, we put together our top five healthy hair tips to help you out. Read on to check out some ways to score some seriously strong-looking.

Healthy Hair Tips: Our Top 5

healthy hair tips and expert advice
Follow some of our insider advice to get healthier locks. Photo credit: indigitalimages.com

1. Use the right products.

Hair care products are formulated to work for your specific hair needs and issues. One easy way encourage healthy hair is to use those products that are specifically designed for your type. For example, those with curly hair benefit from products that can bring moisture to their hair and those with normal hair can benefit from products that nourish their hair. Also, be sure to use your hair care products as a system in order to reap the product benefits.

2. Trim your hair more often.

The ends of your hair will always show the most damage. So, when you go too long in-between haircuts, damaged hair can get worse and lead to breakage and split ends. Getting regular trims can take off the ends, allowing your hair grow longer before having the chance to break. If you want to keep your hair really long, ask your stylist to give you a dusting. This takes of the tiniest amount of hair so you can keep your length. Also, use some of the Nexxus New York Salon Care Promend Split End Binding Leave-In Crème after each wash to help keep your hair smooth as it works to repair spilt ends.

easy healthy hair tips
Using a mask at least once a week can encourage healthy hair.

3. Use a mask at least once a week.

Adding moisture to your hair really helps to make it shiny and healthy! So kick back, relax, and wear a hair mask at least once a week (we are all about Self Care Sunday for this). Try out the Suave Professionals Moisture Mask With Almond & Shea Butter for three to five minutes in the shower. This formula is designed to provide your hair with some serious moisture as it leaves your hair soft and manageable.

4. Go heat-free.

Styling your hair with heat less often will make sure you get the healthy hair you are looking for. Applying heat damages your hair, so make sure you always use a heat protectant,  like the TRESemmé Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray. Also consider adding in more air-dry days a few days a week or try some heatless curls into your styling routine.

5. Choose a softer pillowcase.

You know your old reliable terrycloth towel? It can be roughing up your hair and leading to breakage and frizz. This usually happens if you rub your hair with your towel, or wrap up your hair in the towel on top of your head. Instead, try squeezing the moisture out of your hair very lightly by using an old cotton tee. You should also switch your pillowcase to a softer material, like a silk pillowcase, which is a smoother and softer fabric. This will ensure that your hair won’t bind or get caught in the rougher materials.

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