ATH Investigates: Does Collagen Benefit Your Hair?

Hair that shines from within!

We have all seen the smoothie supplements, gummies, capsules, and elixirs that promote collagen for hair and promise hair growth and shine as you have never seen before. And who doesn’t want a boost in the hair department that yields magazine-worthy results? Curious about the benefits of collagen for hair, we decided to dive deeply into the science behind these claims and prove once and for all that the hype is warranted.

The older we get, the more our bodies age. The more we may need an external boost to keep our hair looking shiny, youthful, and full! Collagen for hair increases the body’s amino acid proteins which are used to build keratin. The results? Longer, fuller, and thicker hair.

You likely know about collagen for its use in skincare regimens. The same ingredient that promises to reduce wrinkles and improve skin elasticity can positively affect thinking hair.

collagen for hair
Longer and thicker hair? Sign us up!

Why Does Your Hair Need Collagen?

The benefits of collagen for hair aren’t just for older women. This superhero ingredient can also benefit young women with dry, damaged, or color-treated hair.

Collagen can boost the health of each hair follicle, creating the perfect environment for healthy hair growth. This means that the results won’t be instantaneous but that you can expect to see a shift over time.

By using collagen-infused hair products, you can strengthen the hair follicle, hydrate both your hair and scalp and improve the appearance of your hair.

Experts agree that one of the most effective ways to reap the benefits of hair-saving ingredients is by ingesting them.

Incorporating a gummy vitamin-like Love Beauty and Planet Citrus Crush Vegan Hair & Skin Dietary Supplement into your routine will improve the health and appearance of your hair from the inside out. Infused with vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E, this supplement has the power to make your hair shiny and your skin glow!

You can also opt for a collagen-infused wash and care system. Try a duo like Suave Professionals Collagen Infusion Shampoo and Conditioner. This shampoo and conditioner are infused with collagen protein and promise to leave your hair thicker, fuller and shinier.

By incorporating collagen and other hair-saving proteins into your routine, whether via a supplement or an upgraded haircare routine, you give your hair its best chance to thrive!

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