Why Vitamin E Oil is the Solution for Your Damaged Hair and Dry Scalp

Healthier and shinier hair is possible.

The benefits of vitamin e oil for hair as a powerful moisturizer and scalp antioxidant are known among hair enthusiasts. With its hydrating properties for hair strands, vitamin E is a must-have ingredient in your hair care routine. Vitamin E oil is one of the most sought-after vitamins for skin and hair because it is rich in antioxidants. Among its benefits, vitamin E improves scalp hydration, repairs damaged hair, smooths out frizz, and even stimulates growth. The result is strong, healthy hair, non-greasy, and with a natural shine.

Vitamin e is suitable for all hair types. However, it works best on dry, coarse, and damaged hair. There are different ways to introduce this powerful vitamin to your hair care routine. For example, you can add a few drops of the oil directly to your dry scalp or hair or add it to your conditioner. Depending on your hair damage, you can apply vitamin E oil to your hair twice or three times per week. Another way is to take vitamin E supplements to hydrate your hair, scalp, and skin from within.

Taking supplements is recommended for people with oily hair and scalp who normally avoid adding more oils. However, since the oils normally concentrate on the scalp, people with an oily hair texture can apply the oil to their ends since these tend to be dry.

vitamin e oil for hair
Vitamin E oil hydrate dry hair strands. Photo Credit: Pinterest

Vitamin E Oil For Hair Washing and Deep Conditioning

Not a fan of hair masks? Not a problem. You can turn your conditioner into a hair mask by adding a few drops of vitamin E. Simply add a few drops of oil to your regular amount of conditioner, and mix it on the palm of your hand before applying it to your hair. Leave the solution in your hair for five minutes before rinsing. Over time, your hair and scalp will feel hydrated, softer, and smoother. Your hair strands will also become stronger and shinier due to the added moisture sealed by the oil. You can also choose a shampoo and conditioner enriched with vitamin E.

For example, we recommend using Love Beauty and Planet Camellia Tea Water & Vitamin Shampoo and Love Beauty and Planet Camellia Tea Water & Vitamin Conditioner. This system contains camellia tea water and vitamin E to offer moisture and prevent breakage.

vitamin e oil for hair
Use vitamin E to repel frizz and keep your scalp moisturized. Photo Credit: Pinterest.

Hydrating and Protecting Hair with Vitamin E Oil

After washing, vitamin E oil can also be applied to damp or dried hair. For damp hair, simply add a few drops of vitamin e oil to hair from the roots to the ends. Then use a  comb to distribute the oil throughout the hair. You can also apply vitamin E oil to dry hair to tame frizz by adding two drops to the palm of your hand and brushing it through your strands for shine and smoothness.

vitamin e oil for hair Shiny Hair
Vitamin E oil gives your hair an instant shine. Photo Credit: Pinterest.

Other Ways to Use Vitamin E Oil

First, vitamin E can be used on its own, but it can also be mixed with other oils such as coconut, olive, and castor oils. Vitamin E is a great remedy for dry or irritated scalp to relieve itching and remove flakes. You can apply vitamin E directly to your scalp the night before washing your hair to hydrate and moisturize your irritated scalp.

vitamin e oil for hair coconut oil
Vitamin E oil can be used alongside other oils, such as coconut oil. Photo Credit: Pinterest.

Lastly, vitamin E is one of those ingredients we should have handy in our hair and skin product kit. Its trusted beneficial properties will continue transforming your hair texture to offer hydration and keep frizz at bay. Check out more articles on our website to find out other natural ingredients benefits to amplify your haircare routine.


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