How to Deep Condition Hair for Your Hair Type

Serena Norr | 25 April 2016
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Repair your hair with the power of deep conditioner.

Oh, the damage we cause to our poor tresses. Some damage that you may have been doing for years that you might not even realize is wrecking havoc on your hair. You know: The hair coloring, the forgetting to trim, the tugging and pulling; it’s no wonder our strands react by giving us the peace out sign by breaking and splitting. Since we are with our hair for a long time, we are always on the hunt to discover more ways to give it some extra love. Luckily, there are tons of powerful solutions out there, like deep conditioner, that can help repair and revive your locks as they treat your tresses with some much-needed TLC. Read on to discover our step-by-step process how to deep condition hair to make your hair look so fresh and so clean:

Picking the Right Deep Conditioner

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Deep conditioner can do wonders to your hair. Photo credit: Dvora

Just like a shampoo or conditioner, there are so many options out there when it comes to deep conditioner. Picking the right one really depends on your hair type and needs.

Check out the rundown of some of our favorite conditioners for your hair type:

Dry and Damaged Hair

You’re a certified hair tugger, chemical-treater, and heat lover. Basically, your locks have been through the ringer and require some serious TLC. You’ll need a deep conditioner that’s packed with some serious moisture to restore your hair as it helps it look shiny and healthy.

Color-Treated Hair

Another hair type that can use some extra love is colored and processed hair. Simply use a deep conditioner that provides nourishment to your strands as it helps make them shiny, manageable and soft.

Fine Hair

Those with fine hair have to be extra gentle with the products they use. They generally don’t want to be weighed down, while still needing the help of a deep conditioner to treat the strands and even give some volume. Stylists recommend that those who have fine hair use deep conditioners before they shampoo their hair. They can also maximize some of its benefits by wearing a shower cap as the solution infuses deeper into the strands as it works its transformative magic. Try the Suave Coconut Milk Infusion Deep Moisture Shampoo and the Suave Coconut Milk Infusion Deep Moisture Conditioner whose benefits will work for your hair type when used as a system.

Thick Hair

Those who have thick hair have the opposite effect of the hair types, where they can benefit from the addition of heat in their deep conditioning routine. Heat works to open up the cuticles in your hair and allows the deep conditioner and its properties to permeate throughout your strands.

Curly Hair

Curly locks need special treatment when it comes to their deep conditioning regimen. For deep conditioners, look for solutions that can hydrate and nourish your strands, since these formulas also have an added bonus of taming frizz and defining your curls. Try Dove Quench Absolute Restoration Mask whose formula

How Often Should You Deep Condition Your Hair?

In general, deep conditioners should be used as a part of your haircare regimen about once or twice a week. Many people opt for a monthly deep condition. We think that you shouldn’t wait until you find yourself desperate for a change, and rather use them as a way to treat and condition your hair throughout the month. Keeping a simple alert on your calendar might just help you remember to regularly treat your strands.

We love deep conditioning as a simple, easy and pretty affordable way to give your locks some much-needed TLC.

Which of these deep conditioners are you going to try?


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