Hair Loss Help with Wigs

All Things Hair | 24 June 2016

A wig might be a good option for you if you’re dealing with hair loss. 

Hair loss is one of the hardest issues for women to have to deal with. While the causes can vary from genetics to lifestyle choices to a poor hair care regimen, sometimes there’s no way to stop hair from falling and receding from your hairline. As frustrating as this is, there are some solutions for women out there, including cosmetic options like wearing a wig. This option allows women to continue to wear their hair as they normally would, which can greatly help when dealing with hair loss. Today, there are tons of options in textures, lengths and colors where you can really find the perfect for you personality and lifestyle. Who knows, they may even offer you an option to try something new? Read on to discover more about wigs and how they might be able to offer you a solution when dealing with hair loss.

Hair Loss Solutions with Wigs

hair loss solutions for women
Wigs can offer a solution for women who are dealing with hair loss.

Apart from the assurance that you can wear a wig, there are so many myths surrounding this particular hair accessory. The first thing you’ll need is a good quality wig, either made of synthetic materials or human hair. What you give is what you get, so be sure to invest in your wig and ask tons of questions about the materials and how to maintain it. In general, human hair wigs are mostly recommended especially for women who are already experiencing balding. These wigs are also generally lighter, more comfortable and the most realistic-looking.

Make sure your wig fits

Looking for the right size of wigs is quite important as well. A tight fitting wig can cause headaches, and a way bigger one can make you uncomfortable, or worse, fall off!  You should also make sure that you get the color and texture that you want. If possible wear your wig for a few hours before you make your purchase as a way to understand how it feels and looks on your head. Another tip is to make sure that you understand the air ventilation in your wig. Wigs with nylon netting are good for letting your hair breathe some air for proper hair growth. Also, wear wig liners made of silk at the same time to create a barrier between the wig and your hair.

How long should you wear a wig?

A lot of this depends on your lifestyle and how often you are out and about. In general, this is around four times a week while wearing it about four to six hours per day. Don’t wear wigs when there is no need to or in other words where you should opt to wear your hair naturally whenever you can. You should also give your head a rest at night and go wig-free when you sleep.

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