Itchy Scalp Causes: 4 Common Culprits

Allison | 10 November 2016

What’s going on and how to treat your scalp. 

We know that there is pretty much nothing worse when it comes to your hair health than having an itchy scalp. It can be so annoying! If your scalp has started to itch, you first need to figure out the itchy scalp causes before you can treat the problem. Itchy scalp can be caused by something as little as dry skin to dandruff. Read on to learn different itchy scalp causes so that you can figure out how to treat them.

4 Itchy Scalp Causes

itchy scalp causes on curly hair
Get to the root of the issue by understanding what causes an itchy scalp.

1. Dry Skin

A dry scalp can lead to easy irritation and itchiness. This can happen to you if you are prone to dry skin all year round, and may effect more people in winter when there is less moisture in the air. To stop your dry skin from causing an itchy scalp, keep moisture in mind! You can DIY away your dry skin with a coconut oil mask massaged into the scalp. You should also use a hydrating shampoo and conditioner, like the Clear 24/7 Total Care Shampoo and CLEAR 24/7 Total Care Conditioner.

2. Dandruff

There are a whole host of causes for dandruff. It presents with red itchy skin with white or yellow flakes. According to Unilever’s Leon-Von Gorkom, “It is also believed that this may be an extreme form of dandruff with very oily yellow scabs.” Other causes of a flaky scalp might be due to an allergic reaction or even a negative reaction to a product. The good thing about dandruff is that it’s totally normal! It can also be treated by regularly using an anti-dandruff shampoo and conditioner system, like the Clear Complete Scalp Care Anti-Dandruff Shampoo and the Clear Complete Scalp Care Anti-Dandruff Conditioner. This power duo works to keep your hair and scalp clean, moisturized, and with regular use, flake-free.

3. Product Buildup

We all love hair products! From mousse to dry shampoo, it’s no surprise that too much product can build up, leading to flakes and an itchy scalp. Besides applying less hair care products directly onto your scalp and roots, take a look into how often you are washing your hair. Make sure that you are using the right care hair regimen that’s designed for your hair type and wash your hair as needed.

4. Sunburn

Yup! Your scalp can get a sunburn, too. Just like a sunburn anywhere else, a burnt scalp will be sore, red, and can feel super itchy. The best way to keep a sunburnt scalp at bay is to wear a hat when you will be out in the sun. If you do end up with a sunburn turn to your moisturizing products. If you do get a sunburn on your scalp, massage some aloe vera gel onto your scalp and gently wash your hair and scalp.

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