10 Ways to Wear the Short Undercut

The look every guy is after right now.

The short undercut is one of those hairstyles for men that is constantly in rotation. This is a look that you won’t see going out of style any time soon. Men are becoming more and more creative with the way they are mixing up undercuts with other classic and trendy haircut styles like the side part, man buns and more.

We’re challenging you to try this style before it becomes a thing of the past (not that we see this happening anytime soon though!). Below, we’ve rounded up several of our picks of short undercuts you need to try your hand at next:

1. Short Afro Undercut

short undercut: afro
Get the look on afro hair types.

Try this style on any hair type. On Afro hair types, you can complement the look with sponge curls using AXE Natural Look: Softening Cream, or pick it out to create a short afro style.

2. The Professional Style

short undercut: barber
Leave it up to the professionals.

If you can’t perfect your undercut look for yourself, leave it up to the pro as they know what’s best for your hair and face shape. Your barber can help you figure out the right hairstyle to complement your undercut.

3. The Buzz

short undercut: buzz
Go for the buzz.

Not into a full-on buzzcut? Leave the top of your hair a little higher. To style your buzz, enhance the spiked up effect and create control with AXE Spiked Up Look: Extreme Hold Glue.

4. Disconnected Undercut

short undercut: disconnected
Very, very trendy indeed.

If you’re into undercuts that are trendy, you can’t go wrong with the disconnected undercut. Pair it up with a man bun and you have a look every guy is after.

5. Undercut with Dreadlocks

short undercut with dreadlocks
Try adding locs.

This is a cool take on the short undercut style. You can opt for this hairstyle if you want an update with your dreadlocks but not quite ready to get rid of all of your locs just yet.

6. Modern Undercut

modern short undercut
Go for a modern style.

It’s all about creating styles that feel stylish to you. If you want an undercut but love modern and disheveled hairstyles, combine the two looks into one. Add shine using AXE Smooth Look: Shine Pomade when styling.

7. Faded Undercut

Short undercut fade
Try out a fade.

Your style doesn’t have to be extremely short. You can opt for a fade instead.

8. Long Top

short undercut: long top
Leave your hair long on top for styling.

There’s no need to feel like there aren’t any styling options with an undercut. If you want the flexibility to style your hair into man buns, man ponytails or leave it free and wavy, ask your barber to leave your hair long on top.

9. Mohawk

short undercut: mohawk
Mix up your style with a mohawk.

Get the best of both worlds with this undercut and mohawk style.

10. Side Part

short undercut with side part
Give it a part.

Add a fun element to your style by adding a clean side part.