Living on the Edge: 10 Shaved Undercut Styles for Men

Find an edgy look that works for you.

If you’ve been thinking about getting an edgier haircut and you’re wondering if the shaved undercut will work for you, the resounding answer you’ll hear from the All Things Hair editors is, “Yes!” This on-trend and fierce style is definitely worth a page in your hairstyle history. Here’s our collection of 10 shaved undercut styles for every kind of guy:

10 Shaved Undercut Styles

shaved undercut styled gelled beard
Show off your shaved undercut with a slick gelled look.

1. Gelled

Draw attention to and show off your shaved undercut with a head of slicked back hair. We suggest Bed Head for Men by TIGI Power Play Gel for long-lasting holding and high shine.

shaved undercut slicked back wet hair lookLearn how to nail the wet hair look.

2. Wet Hair

Nail the wet hair look by slicking your hair back into this sleek style. Use water and your go-to comb to create this perfectly styled look.

shaved undercut product free
Simply run your fingers through your hair.

3. Product-Free

Show off your undercut with a head full of product-free hair. Simply run your fingers through your strands to get this laid-back look.

shaved undercut natural grown out
Grow out your natural curls for a high contrast look.

4. Natural Curls

Let your natural curls serve as a high contrast for your brand new shaved undercut.

shaved undercut natural curls
Wear your curls with some volume.

5. Teased Out

You can even tease your curls for some major volume and even higher contrast.

shaved undercut medium length blonde
Wear your medium length hair down over your eyes.

6. Wear it Down

Grow your hair out to a medium length and wear it down over your eyes for a sexy and laid-back look.

shaved undercut layers
Strategic layering will change the shape of your style.

7. Layers

Strategic layering will change the shape of your style in the best way. Give your layers an extra hand in the styling department by running Axe Smooth Look: Shine Pomade through your hair for some extra hold and shine.

shaved undercut croppedWear the top half of your style closely cropped.

8. Cropped

Go for a smooth fade-like transition between your hair and your undercut by opting for a shorter cropped style.

shaved undercut brunette
Style the top for a silky and shiny look.

9. Blown Out

Master the blow dryer and never be a slave to your strands again. Dry your hair quickly and easily and get on with your day. The plus side is that your hair will be smooth and shiny all day long.

shaved undercut blown to the side
Brush your hair over to the side.

10. Brushed Over

Brush your hair over to the side for a slightly more refined look. Finish off with a mist of TRESemmé Tres Two Freeze Hold Hairspray to lock your look in place.

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