Undercut and Braids for Men: 5 Cool Ways to Wear This Edgy Look

Braid your way to stylish hair. 

We know it can be tough to get creative with guys’ hairstyles. You want to walk the line of cool and interesting … without going over the top. One of the best styles that toes that line is the undercut and braids look. These styles show off your edgy undercut while styling the rest of your hair in a braid or two. Having an undercut and braids show that you’ve got that masculine style with a little bit of flair. Read on to see how to style an undercut and braids five different ways.

1. Quick Braid-Back

undercut and braids for dudes
It’s stylish, yet casual.

We’re pretty confident anyone can learn to braid their hair. You just need to give it a good shot! For a quick refresher, here is our tutorial for french braiding hair for guys. Every guy should start off with freshly washed and dried hair. We suggest you use Suave Men 2-In-1 Ocean Charge Shampoo + Conditioner to make sure your hair is clean and hydrated.

Style this simple braid-back if your hair is just an inch or two grown out. It lets you get your hair off your face. onus:B It’s seriously stylish. For guys with thick hair, doing the braid-back shows off just how much hair you have. We’re a little jealous, tbh.

2. Naturally Curly Braids

undercut and braids for dudes
Go for one braid or two for that perfectly straight part.

For guys with naturally curly hair, you’ve got options. You don’t need to just go for a ‘fro or a defined curls look. You can tuck away your curls entirely if you go for this braided look. This style is a French twist, but you can do any style of braid to achieve this look.

Any braid that sticks closely to the scalp (like French braids or cornrows) can show off your undercut easily. An undercut and braids style on guys is such a high contrast look that we love! So if you wear your braids down, it will cover your shaved panels. Trust us, you want to show off your undercut.

3. French Twist

undercut and braids for dudes
Cool dye job totally optional.

Oh, and you don’t need to have super-long hair to do a braid, just FYI. If your hair is on the shorter side, we suggest going for a French twist. Keep in mind that for short hair, you should work some type of hold into your style. It will make sure the little hairs won’t pop out.

We suggest applying a bit of Bed Head For Men By TIGI Power Play Gel through your hair before styling. This will give your twist a shiny finish in addition to the hold you need. The only difference between a French braid and a French twist is that you only use two sections of hair. Just twist the sections, add a little more hair, and twist again. See? Super simple.

Wearing a style like this is really useful in making sure you can see your undercut. So, if you’ve taken the time to have your hair dyed or have cool shaved designs in your undercut, we totally suggest trying a twist.

4. Small Braids with a Bun

undercut and braids with bun
This style looks great with a bun.

If you’re going for a thinner braid style, we highly recommend creating a bun. The bun allows you to see all over your undercut, while making your hair appear to be longer. If you choose to go with smaller braids your hair will look fuller, too.

5. Long Braids

undercut and braids long braids
Grow those braids long!

This style is definitely not for the faint of heart and it’s a commitment. Choose the longer and create a long braid ponytail. Keep your braids healthy by adding some hair oil to the ends. The Good Stuff Frizz Control Oil will keep your strands healthy and keep braid frizz at bay.