Would You Try a Funky Rainbow Undercut?

How can you style thee? We count the colorful ways.

We’ve rhapsodized over and over on the undercut and just how it’s one of the best things since sliced bread. It’s a throwback hairstyle that, remarkably, didn’t have a hard time re-assimilating with the ‘in crowd’ due to its innate swag and ease of wear. More than just its ironic appeal, we’re also attributing this to the fact that it’s a truly, extraordinarily versatile style that (as seen here in a rainbow undercut iteration) can be worn in a sheer multitude of ways. Read on to discover how to rock this look, with a colorful twist, since what else are weekends for but for experimenting with new looks?

The Rainbow Undercut: Different Ways to Color, Style or Add Texture to this Look

Just why is the undercut so versatile? This colorful, super-directional rainbow undercut shows just the many things you can do to style your own undercut:

rainbow undercut mens clippings
Get creative with your clippings. Photo credit: Allyson Alapont

1. You can beat nature.

First off is the actual cut, which is extremely customizable. Whether worn in a neat, simple taper or fade, or done with graphic clippings as shown here, you can actually create a whole new part than what you were naturally born with—not many haircuts can attest to that. Have a stubborn cowlick, or want to see how your hair grows in the opposite direction? Have your barber hard-shave you a whole new part altogether, or get creative with additional clippings on the back and sides.

rainbow undercut mens color
More is more. Photo credit: Allyson Alapont

2. You can go buck wild with color.

Color is another way that an undercut can set itself apart. Obviously, this rainbow undercut shows that size—or in this case, length—doesn’t matter at all when it comes to coloring hair. On the contrary: Being at liberty to buzz it off whenever you want gives one a certain freedom to be adventurous with the dyeing process. Whether you’re going for a punky, ’80s, tetra fish-inspired pattern such as this, or a quieter, more natural balayage, you’re only bound by what you can imagine.

rainbow undercut mens braid
A braid does the job of a firm-hold gel in keeping your top lengths in place. Photo credit: Allyson Alapont

3. You can show off your styling chops.

Newsflash: Styling an undercut isn’t limited to the man bun. For example: A lot of celebrities and athletes choose to brush it back for a trendy, polished look that’s also a bit macho, and we’ve also seen ponytail and knot versions that keep it appropriate for the office too. Then there are also those who style their undercuts in mohawks, or just like our guy with the rainbow undercut here, even try their hand at some braids! Having more hair to play (~around 5 inches or so) gives you more styling options. Sky’s the limit, guys!

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