Recap of 2016 Long Hairstyles for Men

Guys, check out these awesome long hairstyles to inspire your new look!

2016 was a good year for hair, especially for the dudes! If you’re thinking about going long this year, or need some additional ideas in how you can style your long mane, it’s always good to look back at what was. The 2016 long hairstyles for men featured a mix of styles that ranged from mid-length and free to contained in braids. To help you out in the long hair department, we’re sharing a collection of some of our favorite looks from the past year showcasing everything from the beloved man braid to loose, free waves and tons more! Read on to get inspired!

2016 Long Hairstyles for Men: Top 6 Lengthy Looks

2016 Long Hairstyles for Men: shoulder-grazing hair
A blowdryer will be your BFF to achieve this look! Photo credit:

1. Shoulder-Grazing Hair

One of the easiest ways to wear your long hair is by wearing your locks down! To achieve your style, start off with freshly washed hair using the Suave Men 2-in-1 Alpine Fresh Shampoo + Conditioner for clean, soft hair. You can always blow-dry your hair to get it dry and shiny quickly. Then brush your hair back and to the side for a simple angled parting.

2016 Long Hairstyles for Men: Long braids
We are all about braided hair on men!


2. Long Braids

Braids on dudes are a great way for dudes to showcase their mane, while getting their locks away from their faces. You can always go for braided accents in your hair too. Follow this tutorial to learn how to braid your hair.

2016 Long Hairstyles for Men: half-up hair
There’s a reason this look is a classic!

3. Half-Up Long Hair

There are a bunch of half-up hairstyles for men that we really like! The 2016 long hairstyles for men that we like best are the ones you rock with confidence! You can wear a half-up man bun, or do a simple half-up ponytail.

2016 Long Hairstyles for Men: wavy hair
Long and free! Photo credit:

4. Extra Long Wavy Hair

We’re a little obsessed with this extra long wavy hairstyle. It’s a cool, modern take of hairstyles from the ’70s. To achieve a clean and shiny base, use the Suave Men 2-in-1 Ocean Charge Shampoo + Conditioner every day or every other day.

2016 long hairstyles for men: wavy hair
A perfect look if you don’t want to go that long. Photo credit:

5. Medium-Length Wavy Hair

There is just something about the appeal of a dude with brushed back long hair! This is a top favorite 2016 long hairstyles for men in our books. To get this look apply a tiny amount of Bed Head For Men by TIGI Power Play Gel to the front of your hair near the roots. This will make sure your hair can stay in the style but won’t look crunchy or too shiny. While the gel is still wet, brush your hair back. Super easy for such a good look.


2016 long hairstyles for men: man bun
For those hot summer days.

6. Man Bun

You didn’t think we would cover the top 2016 long hairstyles for men and not mention the man bun, right? Man buns are easy for you to do, they keep your hair out of your face, and they look super cool all at the same time. Pretty simple, huh?

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