12 Stylish Black Hairstyles and Haircuts With Blue Tips

Live out some electric dreams.

If you’re in need of a new, electrifying hairstyle in your life, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got the coolest style for you to test out: black hair with blue tips. This dramatic color combo is sure to get heads turning and eyes popping at your new unique, fresh style.

This cosmic look amps up your style game in an instant and takes your hair from blasé to eye-catching with a fresh dose of color. Check out the styles below to see why we’re so mesmerized by this look.

1. Beach Waves

black hair with blue tips beach waves
Amplify your beach waves with blue tips.

Color your beach waves an ocean-colored pigment with this black hair with blue tips style. If you’re not headed to the beach and still want to create this waved look, give your hair some texture by using TRESemmé Thick & Full Balm when styling.

2. Straight

black hair with blue tips straight
Give your straight locks some excitement.

Into a more straight-edged look? Then straighten your blue-black locks for a shiny, pin-straight style. Make sure to protect your strand from any heat damage before you style by using Dove Smooth+Shine Heat Protection Spray!

3. Blue Tint

black hair with blue tips blue tint
A dark blue tint on black hair is a subtle way to give your hair more color.

Adding a blue tint to your ends is a subtler way to add some cosmic color to your black hair. Make sure to keep ends moisturized with the Love Beauty and Planet Lavender and Argan Natural Oils Infusion.

4. Glam Curls

black hair with blue tips glam curls
Blue tips give our glam curls an edge.

Want to dress up your back hair with blue tips? Style them into glam curls like the ones above! Make your curls extra soft and voluminous by using Nexxus Exxpand+ Volumizing Whip before styling.

5. Teal

black hair with blue tips teal
Add a mermaid aesthetic to your black hair with this teal blue shade.

Whether you have long, luscious locks or an edgy and choppy bob, teal ends are a sure way to keep your style as unique as you are.

6. Baby Blue

black hair with blue tips baby blue
This adorable shade of baby blue is perfect for black hair.

This sweet and femme baby blue color is perfect for adding a pop of color without going too intense with your hue.

7. Pixie Cut

black hair with blue tips pixie cut
A black and blue pixie cut is perfect for every age.

Black hair with blue tips is a perfect color combination for any pixie cut. Give your cut some added texture by using Bed Head by TIGI Stick. This product instantly gives your strands some extra texture and hold.

8. Side Swept Bangs

black hair with blue tips side swept bangs
Add some blue to your black side-swept bangs for the ultimate style.

An easy way to add some dimension to your look is by dyeing your side bangs a bright shade of electric blue.

9. Middle Part

black hair with blue tips middle part
Upgrade your middle parted hair with some blue ends.

Turn your standard hairstyle into the envy of all your friends by adding a cool blue tone to the ends of your soft black locks.

10. Micro Bangs

black hair with blue tips micro bangs
Black hair, blue tips, and micro bangs? Who says you can’t have it all?

If you want a haircut that’s as edgy as your new hair color, then consider cutting some micro bangs into your bob.

11. Turquoise

black hair with blue tips turquoise
A turquoise shade gives your black-blue style a mesmerizing affect.

This vibrant turquoise-blue color is the perfect contrast to midnight-black locks.

12. Loose Curls

black hair with blue tips loose curls
Let your blue ends flow free in these loose curls.

Give your voluminous loose curls an added boost of style by dyeing the ends blue. Make sure to tame any frizz and unruliness with Dove Style+Care Flexible Hold Hairspray for perfect, budge-free curls!

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