How to Go From Red Hair to Blonde: 4 Things to Know

Spoiler: There might be damage.

Gorgeous blonde hair is nothing short of irresistible, but it can be a tricky color to achieve when you already have a preexisting color look going on. While going from brown to blonde hair is an extreme coloring job that requires dedication and caution, going from red to blonde equally requires the same care and planning. We know right now you can’t make this big change, but that doesn’t mean you can’t prep for it. Get excited about the new look you’ll have when quarantine is over! To get the blonde shade of your dreams, here are some things to know before going from red to blonde hair:

1. You will have to bleach your hair.

Going from red to blonde hair definitely requires bleaching in order to achieve your desired shade. Natural redheads may have more luck lifting their hair, but if you are a bottled redhead, you will definitely need a stripper to remove any pre-existing color. Be sure to book a consultation with your colorist to discuss what blonde works best for you, and what bleaching method (single or double-process) you will need to take.

2. You may need more than one session.

Even if your hair is a lighter shade of red, chances are you may not get to that gorgeous shade of blonde in one salon visit. Too much bleach can be quite traumatic to your hair and scalp. Spare your hair the pain and break up your coloring session into two appointments.

3. You will want to invest in a color-safe regimen.

Like maintaining all colored looks, preserving your blonde locks requires using the right products at home. To avoid brassiness and color fade, it’s important to use purple shampoo and coordinating conditioner to counteract any unwanted orange and yellow tones. For a shampoo and conditioner that’s safe to use on platinum, ashy and honey blonde shades, use Bed Head by TIGI Dumb Blonde Shampoo and Bed Head by TIGI Dumb Blonde Reconstructor Conditioner a few times a week.

4. There may be some damage.

Going from red hair to blonde color usually requires a lot of lift. It’s important to acknowledge that breakage is often associated with this look. To keep your ends, shafts, and roots in good standing, wash less and avoid frequent heat styling so you don’t end up with unbearable brittle hair. However, investing in repairing and hydrating products can also save your locks from feeling like a dry heap of straw. Be sure to use TRESemmé Botanique Color Vibrance & Shine Intensive Mask after you wash for smooth and healthy-feeling blonde hair.

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