The Benefits of Deep Conditioning Hair

All Things Hair | 05 December 2016

A hair must for the winter!

As the seasons change, whether we know like it or not, our hair can undergo a huge onslaught of changes. From frizz to split ends to damage, your hair will need some extra TLC through deep conditioning as the temps drop. A simple thing we all can do, deep conditioning hair can provide dry and damaged locks with much needed moisture while also making it easier to style and manage during the colder months. Ready to revive your winter mane? Read on to find out why you should make deep conditioning a part of your weekly hair care routine.

Deep Conditioning Hair Can Make All the Difference in the World

Deep Conditioning Hair Can Make All the Difference in the World
Winter hair can seriously use some extra TLC, like deep conditioning.

Deep conditioning hair is the process of applying a super thick conditioner and allowing it to fully absorb and nourish your hair longer than a typical conditioner. During the prolonged amount of time that you leave the product in your hair, the deep conditioner deeply penetrates your strands to work its magic to treat and repair your damaged hair. If you’re new to deep conditioning hair, it’s important to know the tips and tricks to make the absolute most of the treatment–as always, we’ve got you covered!

Some Tips on Deep Conditioning

1. Deep condition regularly…but not too regularly. 

You will want to deep condition your hair once every week or two. You definitely want to make this part of your weekly routine, however, despite how alluring the benefits may seem, overdoing it can weight down your hair.

2. Ingredients play a huge role.

The same way you check labels when grocery shopping for the most nutritious snacks, you want to pay special attention to the ingredients that make up your favorite hair products. If the label reads: oils, emollients, cationic surfactant, cationic polymers and silicones you’re in hair heaven. 

3. Give your hair some love from root to tip. 

Oftentimes people think that conditioners are meant solely for the ends of your hair. When it comes to deep conditioning hair however, be sure to slather and lather from root to tip so every inch of your mane can benefit from this ultra-nourishing treatment.

deep conditioning hair
Deep conditioning your hair is one of the first steps to scoring healthy locks this winter.

Some Deep Conditioner Tricks

1. Shampoo as you normally would. 

Before applying your deep conditioner, be sure to wash your hair as you normally would so that you can start with a clean slate. Since you’ll be using a deep conditioner to repair your locks, we’re huge proponents of washing with a damage repair solution like the Bed Head by TIGI Recovery Shampoo. With a shampoo that is built to fight the effects of breakage and fading, you’ll be one step closer to swoon-worthy hair before even beginning the conditioning treatment.

2. Towel-dry your hair. 

Make sure to soak up any excess water so that your deep conditioner won’t drip off of your locks instead of sinking into your strands.

3. Slather and lather the treatment from your roots to the tips. 

Don’t play favorites and only apply to your ends, be sure to massage the deep conditioning treatment throughout the entire length of your locks for a fully replenished head of hair. Have curly hair? Try out the Dove Quench Absolute Intense Restoration Masque, which will help to define and hydrate your curls.

4. Be patient.

In order for your deep conditioner to work its magic, you need to give it a little time. Follow the directions that’s indicated on your deep conditioner or hair mask and then twist your hair up as the formula penetrates throughout your hair.

5. Rinse your hair.

Once the hair magic is complete, simply pass your tresses under cool water to rinse the product out while keeping the cuticle closed so that the moisture and strength repair is held tightly within your strands.

Deep Conditioning Benefits

1. Deep conditioning can make hair strong. 

Since many deep conditioning treatments are made with keratin, your hair will not only come out moisturized, but stronger than ever too! Can you say “goodbye dead ends”?

2. Deep conditioning can add moisture to your hair.

Winter hair can be especially drying but a good deep conditioning treatment can work to add moisture and hydration to your thirsty locks.

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