how to moisturize hair on the go

How to Moisturize Hair On the Go in Any Situation

Look first-thing-in-the-morning fresh, even at the end of the day.

Food, merriment, snow days, optimism, shopping—what’s not to love about winter? Oh, right, the cold weather: If, like us, you live in North America, the end of the year also comes with rather brutally cold temps. In theory, there’s something really beautiful about a White Winter, we’ll admit. The reality though—getting really dry skin, not even knowing how to moisturize hair without having it go limp, flaky lips, plus a score of other beauty problems—can be quite a drag.

Learning how to moisturize hair on the go, in the wintertime, is a delicate balancing act of which product to use, and how to use it most efficiently and effectively. And seeing as the holidays are also one of the busiest times of the year, we list down some helpful tips on how to moisturize hair on the go.

We’ve created some more useful hair care hacks for the busy gal with a hectic schedule, whether you’re flitting from the office to drinks after-hours, party-hopping with friends or are just coming from a workout. Read on:

Hair Care Hack: How to Moisturize Hair On the Go

how to moisturize hair on the go
Get an instantly wavy look at night by putting hair up into a bun (or two) during the day.

Strand Situation: Post-work schmoozing
The Hack: Let it down

Having to entertain clients after you’re technically clocked out means you still have to look your best, even after a full 8 or 9 hours of regular work. You’re obviously not at your freshest state by the time 5 p.m. rolls around, which can translate to hair that’s already gone limp and flat. The trick is to plan ahead and start with an updo. Apply a small pump of a lightweight oil (we like Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Styling Oil) and coat onto hair that’s damp from the shower in the morning. Blow-dry until completely dry, then fashion hair up into a loose bun. Remove at cocktail hour, zhuszh it up with your fingers, and get ready to rock your still-fresh-looking (and fresh-smelling!) loose waves for the rest of the night.

how to moisturize hair on the go gym hair
Remove that ponytail, flip your head over and spray your roots for an instant lift.

Strand Situation: Lunch-hour gym sesh
The Hack: Go for a boost

Knowing how to moisturize hair before and after a heavy gym session is an integral part of our routines these days. More often than not, we’re rushing to another appointment after that lunch-hour workout, and need to look presentable the very moment we step back into the office. A.K.A. in less than 15 minutes, no shower! Eek! The secret? A nourishing hair mist. Unravel that messy ponytail, blot away any excess sweat and apply a volumizing spray that also conditions, such as Nexxus Hydra-Light Root Lift Mist, to create body (up to four times more volume!) and to refresh your look.

how to moisturize hair on the go straight hair
Non-stop party-hopping means non-stop frizz control. Photo credit:

Strand Situation: Party Hopping
The Hack: Use a double-duty cream

Parties in the winter usually hit a fever pitch around the middle of December, but can stretch all the way up to Valentine’s Day! That said, it’s not unusual to find yourself double-booking on the weekends, even the weekdays! How to moisturize hair on the go when you’re living by the seat of your party-hoppin’ pants? Extend your style while hopping into cabs, schlepping onto stuffy subways and braving snowy weather to get to your next fête. A lightweight smoothing product, like Suave Professionals Keratin Fusion Smoothing Hair Serum, helps control frizz for up to two days.

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