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Editors’ Picks: Best Hair Masks for Bleached Hair

Caring for bleached hair is no easy feat. Give hair the TLC they deserve with the proper mask.

As pretty as the outcome is when you lighten your strands, bleached hair comes with a price. Bleaching causes dry, brittle, and weak strands, causing hair to feel dry and look brassy. Even worse: Hair gets more prone to damage and thus craves more moisture and hydration. Yikes!

An easy solution to treat your bleached hair is to incorporate a hair mask into your hair care routine. Whether your hair is glistening with highlights, babylights, or an ombré, more than likely there’s bleach in your hair, and you would do well to incorporate some moisturizing masks into your regular hair care routine.

Thankfully, we’ve got the lowdown on the best ones to try. Read on to find out some of the best hair masks for bleached hair to treat your strands:

Editors’ Picks: Best Hair Masks for Bleached Hair

A new vibrant color is a great idea when you want to change up your look and try something different with your hair. When you embark on the path to having bleached hair, you should also be open to less washing and more deep conditioning since water affects color retention, and deep conditioning can help retain moisture in your hair.

However, cutting back on the suds and adding deep conditioning treatments every time you shower may not be enough. Your hair needs extra care, a much richer treatment, and something that will help it thrive and combat every beating it takes. Adding a hair mask to your hair care routine once a week is highly recommended in order to replenish your hair with strength and moisture.

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1. Hair mask for adding moisture to bleached hair

Bleached hair is as dry as strands can get. It may look beautiful on the surface, but that’s about where the healthy look ends. In reality, bleached hair is brittle, weak, and extremely prone to breakage due to the breaking of the strand’s internal structure from the chemical process of bleaching. Your strands become extremely thirsty as they crave moisture. Try a hair mask, like TRESemmé Botanique Nourish & Replenish Hydration Mask, a power-packed formula infused with coconut milk and aloe vera. The hair mask deep conditions and hydrates the hair leaving it soft to the touch too.

2. Why a hair mask nourishes like no other

As mentioned, bleached hair is prone to damage since it has been weakened by harsh chemicals. Aim to use a hair mask that helps nourish and strengthen. This helps bleached hair become hydrated from within and re-strengthen over time. If you have naturally curly hair or coarse hair, opt for Suave Professionals Coconut Milk Infusion Intense Moisture Mask as a treatment. Because of its naturally dry state, curly hair is extremely weak after the bleach has been applied to it, making curls yearn for moisture and nourishment even more. This creamy formula is specifically designed to deliver intense hydration for a smooth, healthy-looking finish.

3. Hair mask for restoring strands

Restore the healthy look of hair with a hair mask formulated with keratin, like TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Mask. Chemicals from the bleach break down the protein bonds and expose the cortex of the hair shaft. According to Unilever’s Leon-Van Gorkon: “Hair becomes weaker and weaker, and when the cortex is exposed, it leads to fraying and breakage. When the hair’s cuticle is lifted/removed, hair becomes more porous and prone to frizz when in a humid environment.”

We’re sure that frizzy hair isn’t on top of anyone’s list! This TREsemmé mask helps protect hair from frizz and humidity while leaving the hair smooth and shiny.

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