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Quiz: Find the Right Hair Dye Color for Your Lifestyle

Dye for it, but the right way. Take our quiz to find out the best formula for you.

As not all dye jobs are created equal, so it is with hair dye color. There are several kinds of shades and hues for every specific color need or commitment level, and it behooves you to know what exactly the look you crave entails. If you’re just looking to rock some purple streaks for a weekend rave festival, you’re definitely going to need a different dye formula than someone transitioning into a full-on platinum shade. Don’t borrow trouble—or in this case, unnecessary damage—if your look can go without it!

The Right Hair Dye Color for You


temporary hair dye color streaks
Temp color lets you play with some wash-off streaks without the commitment.


Perfect for mercurial, party-fun tastes (#PLURLife) and to those who’s preferences fluctuate from one Snapchat post to the next, getting temporary hair dye color means you don’t necessarily need to commit to one shade for a long period of time. Temporary dyes let you have a blast experimenting with some wash-offs from every conceivable color on the spectrum that last only until your next shampoo. These dyes don’t use peroxide, ammonia or developer, so are vetted as safe and gentle for color chameleons. Hair mascaras can be considered part of this category, as they only stain your strands with color until you rinse them off.


semi-permanent hair dye color pink
Semis start out vibrant and fade after 12 or so shampoos.


For those who want a tad bit more commitment than wash-off hues, semi-permanent hair dye can really be a godsend. Like temporary color, semis merely impart hair with a stain that gets lighter with every shampoo. For those who have their finger of the pulse of the latest color trends, this can be a good thing. Fans of the semi are usually willing to stick with their hue for around two weeks—or approximately 12 shampoos, which is around the time semi-permanent color lasts. These colors have no ammonia and don’t use a developer and are considered more as “color washes,” so feel free to play around with that candy-floss pink for that fun trip to Vegas if you want to.


demi permanent hair dye color brown
Want a brown that naturally lightens over time? Choose a demi.


Demis contain some peroxide, which allows the hair cuticle to open up for better color absorption and a longer-lasting hue. Rich, saturated and stylishly chic shades (and sometimes, even a glaze-only pastel) can all be achieved with a demi-permanent color, which is why ladies that are looking into going darker are usually recommended to go the demi route. Demi-permanents usually last for about 28 shampoo cycles, and is considered a deposit-only dye—a.k.a. they do not, and cannot, lighten.


permanent hair dye color platinum
Keep bleached hair healthy-looking with thoughtful aftercare. Photo credit:


Ah, permanent color: for those who know what they want and are willing to stick with it, damage be damned. Those who go for permanent hair color have a hair care arsenal that’s tailor-made to be color-safe, from shampoo to styling product, only showing that when it comes to their relationship with their manes, they commit to commit. Permanent hair color involves an oxidation process, which means a normally colorless dye gets its color from reacting to hydrogen peroxide (a.k.a. bleach) in the developer. This detailed procedure is why it needs more skill and precision to mix and apply—not to mention the fact that the color lasts until hair grows back—so better seek a pro for best results.

Which hair dye color is best for your lifestyle this summer? Click on our mini-quiz to find out:

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