Natural Hair Shrinkage Tips and Styles You Need this Season

Go with the flow.

Every natural gets bit by the shrinkage bug at least a few times before she figures out what products that can help her prevent it from happening — or at least shrinking way too much. Natural hair shrinkage isn’t for the faint of the heart, especially when you took your precious time to perfect your ‘fro before hitting the ground running.

What causes shrinkage? Well, the moisture in the air that penetrates your hair strands causes your curls to shrivel up. It’s the same thing that happens when you wet your hair to begin your hair washing routine. What do you do when shrinkage happens to you? Here are some tips on how you can embrace natural hair shrinkage.

natural hair shrinkage
Embrace your afro.

1. Go With The ‘Fro

Let’s just start with this: If you’re out and about and your hair shrinks after you’ve stretched it out with your blow-dryer, don’t panic. Instead, embrace what’s happening. Also, if you know you may be dealing with shrinking based on the weather report, opt for using products that don’t contain ingredients that draw moisture to your hair. Serum based products are great for protecting against humidity. You can also use hairspray like TRESemmé Compressed Micro Mist Level 2 Hold Curl Hair Spray. This formula gives your curls definition and provides resistance to humidity all day long.

natural hair shrinkage: coils
A little coily hair action.

2. Wear a Coily Twisted Style

There are plenty of natural hair shrinkage-friendly hairstyles that can work in your favor if you have hair that’s prone to constant shrinkage. This twisted hairstyle is one of them. This doesn’t involve two-strand twists, it’s more about coiling your strands by twisting them around your fingers. To help with definition, use Emerge Style Goals Gel on each section of hair.

natural hair shrinkage
Take in all that free moisture Mother Nature has to offer.

3. Make Natural Hair Shrinkage Work for You

If you have hair susceptible to dryness hair, you can make humidity work in your favor. Use a leave-in conditioner like Suave Cream Detangler Spray on your hair before heading out and allow the moisture from the air to penetrate your hair strands. Mother Nature isn’t so bad after all, right?

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