Scene Hair: What It Is, How to Style It

Punky and bold, short scene haircuts are not for those that hate the limelight!

Hairstyles that are frequented by teens and adults deep into the alternative scene, a.k.a. scene hair, are all sorts of bold and attention-getting. Short scene hair for women typically features straight locks with side-swept bangs that end just above the eyes (kind of like that emo haircut that hit the streets a decade ago). Girls with long scene hairstyles usually employ hair extensions, but short scene haircuts are normally worn as a chunky, layered shag, and almost always in an alternative punky color like blue, green or even white. Read on to check out more about styling scene hair on short hair:

how to style shaggy scene hair
Scene hair features a shoulder-length cut with a fringe that hits the browbone.

1. Ask for a fringed shag.

Scene hair is a look that involves a shaggy, long mullet-like shape, with piecey, texturized bangs and layers. It ends at jaw- or collarbone-length and is usually styled with a deep side part—something your stylist should know as s/he cuts, so as to respect your natural cowlicks.

2. Go bold with color.

Coloring short scene hair means embracing the brighter, less mainstream end of the color family—that is, bright blues, greens, purples, synthetic reds, pinks and even stripes or checked patterns, if that’s what your punky heart desires! Go for a wash-off or semi-permanent hue if you’re first experimenting with your signature shade (or are suffering from dye ADHD); otherwise, go for it and don’t be afraid to play with more than one color too! Check out these fun colors for even more hair inspiration.

how to rock subtle scene hair
Want a subtler version? Round out the edges into a bobbed shape.

3. Invest in a color-safe system.

That said, the next biggest step is to include a color-friendly system into your regimen. Short scene haircuts look best with bold, vibrant hues, and a shampoo and conditioner that helps you retain your colored hair’s integrity is key. We like the smoothing, frizz-protecting properties in TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Color Shampoo and TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Color Conditioner—they both have Moroccan Argan oil, which controls frizz and provides your hair with shine.

4. Texturize!

Short scene hair looks have a lot of texture, so pick up a wax or a paste that imparts some texture and separation with a bit of control too (as you want a look that stays put as well). We like the definition and piecey-ness that bangs and layers get from Bed Head by TIGI Manipulator Matte. To style, take a finger-swipe or dime-sized amount of product into palms and rub together. Rake your hands throughout your layers in a downward motion away from your partline, and use any leftover product to point-style, like on your sideburn area and on your fringe. Finish with a frizz-fighting hairspray, such as Suave Professionals Luxe Style Infusion Anti-Humidity Hairspray, to keep your style on lock even in the summer heat. Now, you’re ready to steal the scene!

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