What is a Hair Mask? Our Must-Have for Healthy-Looking Strands

Your go-to guide to hair masks.

If you’ve been noticing an abundance of mask-covered faces as you scroll through Instagram and flip through your favorite beauty bloggers’ stories, you’re not the only one. Everything from face masks to lip masks to hair masks are having their fifteen minutes of fame these days and here at All Things Hair, we can’t get enough of this trend. We’ve been taking our ‘Self Care Sundays’ to the next level by including face and hair masks as we binge watch our favorite Netflix shows. You may find yourself wondering, “What is a hair mask exactly?” If you’re new to the hair mask scene then we’ve got you covered. Below we give you the answer to“What is a hair mask?” plus a recommendation of one of our favorites.

What is a Hair Mask?

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A hair mask is a deep conditioning treatment for your hair. When used properly, it works to restore moisture back into your strands. It can also strengthen your hair and help to smoothen frizz. Used in addition to your wash and care regimen, it can work to repair past damage as it moisturizes–all while preventing future hair challenges. It’s one of those additions to your self care routines that feels luxurious while actually benefitting you at the same time.

How often should you apply a hair mask?

Depending on how much damage you have, you’ll want to use your hair mask at least once week. However, if you have significant damage you may find that you need to use a mask multiple times a week. There isn’t really a wrong answer when it comes to how often you should apply a hair mask. We find that the results are visible pretty early on (sometimes as soon as after one use), so you may find that you won’t be using it as often as you would have thought.

How do you apply a hair mask?

Wash your hair with your usual wash and care system and very gently squeeze out any excess water. Apply the mask to the bottom three-quarters of your hair and massage it into your strands. Leave your mask on as directed, lathering up with a special body wash while you wait or get to the rest of your shower routine. Carefully rinse the mask out of your hair and continue drying and styling your hair per your usual routine.

If you’re new to the hair mask scene and you’re not sure which one to choose, we’ve got a suggestion for you. The Suave Professionals Coconut Milk Infusion Intense Moisture Mask is a cult favorite for a reason. This mask works to deliver intense moisture to your damaged strands. Infused with coconut milk, the product works to make your hair silky, soft and more manageable.

Looking for more information about hair masks? Check out our collection of budget-friendly hair masks for damaged hair.

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