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4 Detangling Comb Options and Each of Their Benefits

How to find the very best detangling comb for you.

We’ve already established that taking the time and effort to brush your hair is beneficial to your strands. Stimulating your roots, distributing your hair’s natural oils and encouraging movement in your locks are all good things. When it comes to finding a tool that doubles as a detangling comb you might find yourself a little overwhelmed by the options. We know firsthand that even the smoothest hair can be prone to getting tangled in the summer months. Humidity, sun exposure and chlorine are just a few variables can sometimes exacerbate knotty strands. Today, we’re breaking down four different types of detangling comb options and outlining each of their benefits.

4 Detangling Comb Options

detangling comb rat tail comb black
This will be one of the most versatile tools in your beauty arsenal.

1. The Rat-Tail Comb

While the name of this particular tool isn’t the most pleasing, the benefits it provides are endless. The rat-tail comb serves a multitude of purposes including detangling. This is a fine-toothed comb and is the best option for women with shorter strands as it takes a little extra time and care to work it through your knots. Once you’ve finished detangling, this comb also helps create a super straight part, works really well for teasing, and can help smooth flyaways, too.

detangling comb wooden comb
We can’t get over how great this comb would look sitting on our dressing tables.

2. The Wooden Comb

The most beneficial part of using a wooden comb is the static-fighting power that comes with this particular hair tool. Great for women with finer hair and for use specifically in the winter months, a wooden comb will help you work through your knots without giving you that mad scientist look.

detangling comb wide toothed
This one is a cult favorite for a reason.

3. The Wide-Toothed Comb

Perhaps the most famous, and certainly one of our favorites, is the wide-toothed comb. We most often see women using this tool either in the shower or right after. The wide set placement of the comb’s teeth allow for easy detangling and ensures that your hair won’t get caught in finer bristles. Use this comb to evenly distribute your conditioner in the shower, or right after you wash your hair to detangle and simultaneously stimulate your roots.

detangling comb brushes
When a comb just won’t cut it.

4. The Spaced-Out Brush

While this tool isn’t technically a comb, sometimes the best option might be to use a brush. These brushes, in particular, feature bristles with a bit more space between them making them a great option for detangling. The wider the bristle the more gentle you’ll be on your strands and that’s particularly important when considering the health of your hair.

No matter what kind of comb or brush you end up choosing always remember to start at the bottom and work your way up as you detangle. This will ensure that you cause minimal breakage to your strands and keep them super healthy.

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