best brush for curly hair

How to Find The Best Brush for Curly Hair

The brushes you need and how to use them.

When it comes to caring for curly hair, best practices include: deep conditioning to retain moisture, diffusing hair for the best curls ever, getting regular trims to avoid single-strand knots, finger combing to detangle and not using a hair brush to brush your precious curls. Many curly girls are afraid of using a hair brush because they still have yet to find the best brush for curly hair.

When searching for the best brush for curly hair, you can’t just pick the first hair brush you see and assume it will solve all of your problems. All hair brushes are not created equal. To help you on your quest to finding the best brush for curly hair, we’ve broken down the three types of brushes to consider and how you can use them on your curly hair.

Best Brush for Curly Hair: 3 Options to Try

best brush for curly hair
Use a paddle brush to help smoothen your curls after washing.

Purpose: Massage and stimulate scalp.

Brush: Paddle hair brush

In lieu of a detangling brush, you can use a paddle hair brush fresh out of the shower to massage and stimulate your scalp along with smoothing your curls before styling and drying. The best way to use the Nexxus Ibiza CX2 Paddle Hair Brush is to begin brushing your hair from the ends first, then work your way up to the roots.

best brush for curly hair updos
When creating updo hairstyles use a boar brush to help smoothen hair and distribute natural oils.

Purpose: To distribute natural oils.

Brush: Round hair brush

Curly hair is dry by nature since the natural sebum from the scalp has difficulty traveling down the hair strand. A round brush can help distribute the oils to the ends of your hair. This Nexxus Ibiza EX3 Round Hair Brush was designed with curly and wavy hair types in mind. Use this brush to smoothen your hair when creating updo or sleek straight styles. And, don’t worry about the bristles getting stuck in your hair creating a clunk of tangles as this brush has a micro-ball tip that glides smoothly through your hair.

best brush for curly hair blowdry round brush
Use a ceramic boar brush when blowdrying to cut down drying time and to get sleek styles.

Purpose: To create sleek styles.

Brush: Boar hair brush 

If you’re a curly girl that also loves to wear straight styles, consider investing in the Nexxus Ibiza Yolles Ceramic Boar Hair Brush. As ceramic brushes tend to get really hot when used with a blowdryer, this can help cut down styling time significantly. However always, always handle your hair with care. To ensure your curls will spring back into action after wearing your straight style, use a heat protectant spray like TRESemmé Platinum Strength Heat Spray.

Need more hair care and styling tips for curly hair? Learn how to do the hair plopping technique. 

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