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The Best Brushes to Use On Every Hairstyle

Behold, the brushes for your favorite hairdos.

When it comes to styling hair into everything from your everyday look to elaborate updos, the brush you choose to use can definitely make or break your ‘do. Use the wrong brush and you can make your hair frizz out, and not achieve the look you want. The best brushes for different styles not only depends on your hair type, but also the hairstyle that you want to achieve. Read on to learn the best brushes for these common looks:

The Best Brushes For Different Hairstyles

best brushes for straight hair
Styling straight hair is a cinch with a paddle brush.

1. Straight Hairstyles

When you are styling your straight hair (or straightening your hair) the best brushes for you fall under the paddle brush category. They are the brushes with the widely spaced pins on a flat, well, paddle. We like Nexxus Ibiza CX2 Paddle Hair Brush for its sturdy wooden pins but flexible base. It helps to detangle hair without causing breakage or being too aggressive with your hair. Use it to help you create a half-up pony hairstyle or a pin straight look.

2. Super Smooth Styles

For hairstyles that require the ultra smooth look (think Old Hollywood waves) you’ll be in need of a flat hair brush. These are kind of the miracle brush! Not only do they help to get you the smoothest, most uniform hair, but the bristles also help to distribute oil which is good for your hair health and shine. A flat brush can also help to smooth down those annoying flyaways. Our favorite is Nexxus Ibiza OC7 Oval Flat Hair Brush. It has mixed bristles that help to detangle while you’re at it.

best brushes for blowouts
Blowouts are made easy with the right round brush.

3. Blowout Hairstyles

If you are doing the perfect salon blowout at home, you totally need a round brush. A round brush helps you get that perfectly voluminous and bouncy look.There is really no good way to get the look without it! Right now we’re into Nexxus Ibiza B5 Round Hair Brush. It’s the right size for long hair and even short bobs! It also has that bonus of the boar bristles in this brush to help distribute shine while you style.

4. Curly Hairstyles

wide-toothed comb is the best option for detangling curly hair. With a comb, you can target your specific tangles and knots that’ll to help uncurl your hair without breakage. Keep your comb on you for touch ups throughout the day if you are prone to getting knotty.

5. Updo Hairstyles

For perfected updo looks you’re going to need a couple of options. It’s good to have a rat-tail comb on hand for creating perfect parts, plus you can use the comb to detangle whenever you need! If you have hair that likes to pop right out of your style, a boar bristle brush can help to keep things smoothed down.

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