5 Chic Updos for Wavy Hair

Chic updos for wavy hair you've got to try.

2017 should be the year that you embrace the updo on a regular basis. Why? Because it tells the world that while you love your strands, you need them out of your line of vision so you can focus on other aspects in your life, like accomplishing your goals. While there’s a time and a place for long luxurious curls, sleek straight edgy hair, boho braids and intricate styles, we’re making a strong case for updos for wavy hair. Wavy hair is debatably one of the hair types to create updos with. A little bit of texture allows for easy long-wear hold and when gathered up and combed back it gives the appearance of the streamlined vibes we’re going for. Those ‘I have my life together’ vibes.

Keep reading for five chic updos for wavy hair that we predict you’ll have on rotation over the next twelve months. What better way to kick off the new year than with new hairstyles in your arsenal?

Chic Updos for Wavy Hair

updos for wavy hair
Minimal effort for a style that looks hella complicated. In a good way.

1. Wrap + Tuck

Looking for updos for wavy hair that you can rock at work and when you go out for cocktails? Then this one is for you! This updo is as easy as creating the classic pull-through messy bun style with just one quick bonus step. Part your hair and gather it into a low ponytail. Wrap your hair tie around the ponytail but only pull it halfway through on the last loop around. Use the excess hair that hangs out as a wrap-around component and tuck it underneath the bun and pin it into place. Carefully spread the wrapped hair apart –with your fingers– for maximum drama and add a spritz or two of the Bed Head by TIGI Full of It Volume Hairspray to keep loose pieces from poking out.

updos for wavy hair teased updos
A great option if you don’t have too much time for styling.

2. Teased Updo Hairstyles

Whether your hairstyling skills were a big focus for you in 2016 or you’re new to the styling game, you’ll be able to create this teased updo style in under five minutes. Comb your hair back away from your face and tease one section at a time until you’re all volume everywhere. You may resemble a fictional creature at this point – that means you’re doing great. Carefully and lightly comb all of the teased hair back until you are holding all of your hair in a low ponytail. Twist your hair and coil it against your head and pin it into place. Optional additional step: pull a few small strands out to frame your face.

updos for wavy hair
How to take yourself seriously 101.

3. Wavy Center Updos

Any hairstyle takes a step towards the serious side when you style it around a center part. This low bun is no exception. Ditching your usual side part and creating a classic low bun is the quickest way to make an otherwise whimsical and younger look a little more mature. Pair it with a bright lipstick and a patterned shirt full of personality to maintain some character if you’re not really aiming for that ‘climbing the corporate ladder’ look.

updos for wavy hair
Extra drama = extra chicness.

4. Oversized Ballerina Bun.

Two words for you: hair gel. A penny-sized amount of the Suave Professionals Luxe Style Infusion Curl Defining Gel Serum combed through you wavy hair will help you nail the sleek ponytail that’s the base of this bold style. Once you’ve added some hair gel and created your ponytail, make use of a donut bun ring styler and roll your hair through it to create the perfect oversized bun. Wavy hair will roll super easily while that little bit of hair gel will tame it down to a sleeker style.

updos for wavy hair
How to fall in love with your natural texture.

5. Natural Texture Updos

This is ideal for those days when you need to look put together but you went to sleep on wet hair and woke up to your natural waves. The problem with wavy hair is that you can’t always predict how it will behave. Implement a permanent plan for your waves and embrace the inconsistent texture by making the TRESemmé Perfectly (Un)Done Sea Salt Spray a part of your hair care routine. Spray the sea salt spray through your hair and opt for a deep side part. Gather your hair into a low messy bun for an off-duty model look that screams chic.

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