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7 Best Hair Brushes for Your Hair Type

Your ultimate hair brushing guide.

The best hair brush for your hair type can make all the difference in your styling routine. Have you ever wondered why you can’t seem to replicate that killer style your hairdresser gave you at the salon, no matter how hard you try? Well, not only does your stylist has years of training and experience under his or her belt, but there’s also the matter of the tools they use to achieve that perfect hairstyle. Hairstylists know that every hair brush is different which is why they use professional-grade tools specifically tailored for different uses and hair types.

The Best Hair Brush for Your Hairstyles

To give you a better look at what some of the best hair brush products, the best brushes for styling, and the best brushes for your hair type are, look no further than our cheat sheet below. Happy hunting (and hair brushing):

best hair brush curly hair
Find the best brush for your needs!

1. Detangling, Wet: Wide-Toothed Combs, Plastic Detangling Brushes

We’ve all grown up reaching for our wide-toothed combs after washing our hair in the shower. However, recent hair product innovations have given us more options in the detangling arena, especially for finer hair. Brushes that specifically target tangled hair, or detangler brushes, have exploded onto the market, virtually revolutionizing how we deal with caring for fine hair when it’s wet or damp.

As the best hair brush for fine hair, detangler brush bristles tend to be made of thin, strong yet flexible plastic. Having flexible bristles is essential for the health of your hair, as it has more “give” on the strands that prevents bristles from tugging too much, which can be damaging.

Shorter, specially-formulated, super flexible plastic bristles unravel knots without pulling on strands, thus minimizing breakage. For extra protection, a leave-in conditioner or detangling agent can minimize friction and lubricate the hair shaft, accelerating the process. These products can also coat your strands to protect them and leave your hair slipperier so knots will untangle easier. Always use a detangler brush working from the very ends of your hair upwards. This allows you to take out any knots without making more knots in the process. Slowly brush your hair until you have brushed through all of your hair for knot-free strands.

2. Detangling, Dry: Synthetic-Bristle Brushes

Thicker hair benefits from brushes with synthetic bristles, like nylon, to remove knots. They bend easily and manage to get to deeper tangles near the root with minimal to no breakage. When priming hair for a blowout, brush through a lightweight oil, such as Love Beauty and Planet Hope and Repair Coconut Oil & Ylang Ylang 3-in-1 Benefit Oil using a nylon brush before exposing your locks to heat.

3. Blowouts: Natural-Bristle Brushes

A favorite of hairstylists due to their versatile yet softer pull, as well as the manner in which they smooth down the cuticle, is the natural-bristle brush. Like a boar-bristled hairbrush, they’re gentle on strands but don’t sacrifice hold, making for the shiniest and most controlled blowouts. Since they’re gentler than plastic, they’re safe to use on all hair types and do wonders in imparting a uniform, high-end sheen since they also come with the highest-end of price tags.

4. Curling/Styling: Round Magnesium-Barreled Brush

The best hair brush for curly hair is a round brush with a metallic core. This is specifically made to trap and distribute heat quicker and more efficiently onto the hair shaft. Due to bristles that spiral around the brush, they’re ideal for creating curls on fine, limp locks and even imparting some lift at both the crown and the ends. Don’t forget to prep hair with a smoothing heat protectant, like TRESemmé Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray, so hair doesn’t fry while it “sets” or coils around the barrel.

5. Finishing/Everyday Styling: Mixed-Bristle Brushes

All hair textures can shine with the use of a mixed-bristle hairbrush. Not only does it come at a more affordable price point, but the combo of natural and synthetic bristles also offers a one-two style punch. Natural bristles smooth the cuticle and help distribute one’s natural oils from the scalp down to the ends, while the bendy nylon bristles help give some pull and styling control to the hair strand. To optimize, brush the hair gently from root to tip using a slight pull from the wrist, and finish with a light-hold styling spray such as Nexxus Comb Thru Finishing Mist to lock in some touchable shine.

6. Straightening: Paddle Brush

Ladies with thick hair that’s either straight or wavy are no strangers to the paddle brush. The wide surface area (hence the name) works wonders in drying hair quickly with an as little bend or kink as possible. Also a great everyday styling option, this hair brush is ideal for minimizing frizz by creating sleek, poker-straight hair.

7. Drying: Rectangular Vented Brush

This particular hair brush helps hot air pass through and reach all angles of the hair shaft, making for a faster and more uniform drying process. Used primarily as a drying tool, this brush uses synthetic bristles and forces lower tension on the hair.

The Best Brushes for Different Hairstyles

Keep reading to learn about the best brushes for different hairstyles.

best hair brush for straight styles
Styling straight hair is a cinch with a paddle brush.

1. Straight Hairstyles

When you are styling your straight hair (or straightening your hair) the best brushes for you fall under the paddle brush category. They are the brushes with the widely spaced pins on a flat, well, paddle. We like the paddle brush for its sturdy wooden pins and flexible base. It helps detangle hair without causing breakage or being too aggressive. Use it to help you create a half-up pony hairstyle or a pin straight look.

2. Super Smooth Styles

For hairstyles that require the ultra-smooth look (think Old Hollywood waves) you’ll be in need of a flat hair brush. These are kind of miracle brush! Not only do they help to get you the smoothest, most uniform hair, but the bristles also help to distribute oil which is good for your hair health and shine. A flat brush can also help to smooth down those annoying flyaways.

3. Blowout Hairstyles

If you are doing the perfect salon blowout at home, you totally need a round brush. A round brush helps you get that perfectly voluminous and bouncy look. There is really no good way to get the look without it! Right now, we’re into the Ibiza B5 Round Hair Brush. It’s the right size for long hair and even short bobs! It also has that bonus of the boar bristles in this brush to help distribute shine while you style.

4. Curly Hairstyles

A wide-tooth comb is the best option for detangling curly hair. With a comb, you can target your specific tangles and knots that’ll help uncurl your hair without breakage. Keep your comb on you for touch-ups throughout the day if you are prone to getting knotty.

5. Updo Hairstyles

For perfected updo looks, you’re going to need a couple of options. It’s good to have a rat-tail comb on hand for creating perfect parts, plus you can use the comb to detangle whenever you need! If you have hair that likes to pop right out of your style, a boar bristle brush can help to keep things smoothed down.

Hair Brushes for Every Hair Type

Choose a brush based on your hair type:

best hair brush for braids
Aid your braided styles with the right brush.

1. Mixed Bristle Brush

Best for: braids

To aid in brushing your edges when wearing your braided hairstyles while adding tremendous shine, pick up a mixed bristle brush made with a combination of boar’s hair and synthetic bristles. Not only is this the all-in-one brush, but it’s universal, too!

french twist rat-tail comb
A rat-tail or fishtail comb works best to give that French twist base some body.

2. Rat-Tail Comb

Best for: thin hair

Yet another dual combo brush, the rat-tail comb, allows for easy sectioning and parts with the long handle, as well as smoothing benefits with the fine teeth. In addition, rat-tail combs are the perfect instrument for adding massive volume to thin hair through the process of teasing. The fine teeth are perfect for, who would’ve guessed it, fine hair! They make brushing and clumping hair together to create texture a super simple step.

Another handy trick of the long end is that it’s perfect for tucking lumps and bumps back into place to lend to the overall coiffed look you’re aiming for. Needless to say, you’ll be rocking a perfectly parted head of super voluminous flowing waves in no time with one of these.

3. Teasing Brush

Best for: wavy/curly hair

If you’re looking for the same benefits of a rat-tail comb but need a little more TLC in the process, a dense boar’s bristle teasing brush is just what your styling routine is craving. Boar bristles aren’t as harsh as the teeth of a plastic comb, which means they’ll be more gentle on your hair.

best hair brush with a vented brush
Define those waves with a vented brush.

 4. Vented Brush

Best for: wavy or straight hair

If you’re like us, you love those extra five minutes snuggled in bed when your alarm starts buzzing. Unfortunately, many days we have to snap out of it in order to make ourselves presentable for the day ahead. But what if there was a way? Vented brushes change up the pace and allow for a few extra ZZZ’s by cutting down drying time through the process of heating hair from all of its angles. And, as we know, the less time our hair is under heat, the healthier and less prone to breakage it is. #Win

5. Round Brush

Best for: creating blowout styles

Looking for a salon-like blowout from the comfort of your own home? Who isn’t?! To achieve this look, use a round brush to both dry your hair and pump up some volume into your hair.  Although this brush can be a staple in anyone’s hair regimen, it’s particularly beneficial for those with fine hair due to its volume-enhancing qualities. Just remember to spritz some heat protectant, like the TRESemmé Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray to your locks before you start the blowout process.

6. Paddle Synthetic Bristle Brush

Best for: thick hair

For all the thick-haired gals out there, allow us to introduce you to the best hair brush for thick hair with the paddle brush. The paddle shape, paired with synthetic bristles, will smooth frizz while embracing the shape of your natural flow. Synthetic bristles are the way to go when managing your lush mane because they’re strong enough to detangle your locks, and, unlike boar’s bristles, nylon won’t create the added volume that comes with the inevitable static associated with more natural brushes.

7. Hair Pick

Best for: natural hair

For those with natural hair, a hair pick is a common comb to use, especially if you have an afro hairstyle. The hair pick is a flat, square-shaped comb that has a long, wide set of teeth. This type of comb can help to remove any tangles or knots in the most gentle way possible. The hair pick can also help give your hair additional volume because it lifts your hair from the root.

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