bed head treatment mask miriam

What’s In My Hair Today: Bed Head by TIGI Resurrection Treatment Mask

Beauty routine meets self love with this reenergizing hair mask. 

In a time when busyness is glorified and the number of cups of coffee you’ve needed to consume seems to have a direct correlation to how much you’ve accomplished, it can be difficult to make space in your life for self-care. Sitting down to a nutritious breakfast without your phone to distract you? Unheard of. Taking a relaxing bath without letting your to-do list run through your mind on repeat? Hard to imagine. I’ve been making an effort to set aside time for self care in my life recently. Whether it’s a short walk as the sun sets with a curated playlist playing, taking 20 minutes to pray or meditate or carving out to time to cook meals that are actually nutritious, I’ve slowly been making some real changes that truly affect how I feel. For the first time since I lived at home as a kid, I am the proud owner of a bathtub that I don’t share with a dormitory full of girls. And so a weekly bath with a reenergizing treatment mask has become a part of my routine too.

A hair treatment mask is one of those feel good ways to take care of myself as I wind down from a busy day. This one in particular has become one of my favorite ways to take care of my hair and my mind at the same time:

Reenergizing Treatment Mask

bed head treatment mask miriam
Self-care extends to your hair, too. Photo credit: Sheina Brummel-Dubrow

I’m a firm believer in the power of a beauty routine to have a long-lasting and powerful effect on more than the way you look. There’s a sense of ritual in the habits that come with a set routine, and I believe that there’s strength in setting time aside that’s dedicated solely to making you look and feel good. We take good care of our homes with set cleaning schedules and spring cleaning at the end of every winter. We take special care of clothes and separate delicates and dry clean-only items from the rest. And I truly believe that our bodies are no different and require just as much mindfulness and dedication.

There are a lot of hair masks to choose from and each of them have their own merits but I’ve been using Emerge Back to Life Hair Mask recently. I like to think of this mask as the daily equivalent of my eight cups of water:  restorative and energizing, and an act of self care that I never regret making time for.

I apply this mask to freshly washed hair and let it sit for five to ten minutes before rinsing it out. I’m working my way through a long list of memoirs and I’ll generally read in the bath while I let the mask work its magic. I have distinct memories of bath time being a fun yet calming routine when I was a little kid, splashing around with my sisters as we washed off a long day of dress-up and make believe and a makeshift backyard ‘kitchen’ full of mud pies. While I can no longer circle the edge of the tub pretending to be a mermaid, there’s a radical sense of self love that comes with reviving old routines and practicing such a specific kind of self-care.

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