Men’s Hair Color Ideas for Summer 2016

Same ol' cut, but totally new look. 

Short of that bi-monthly trip to the barber’s, there’s not usually a lot of angst that goes with guys and choosing their summer hairdos. Once you’ve locked down your look for the year (and the products to go with it), you’re pretty much set. But who’s to say there’s not a little fun to be had along the way? Playing around with some trendy men’s hair color ideas can freshen up any classic look. Life is short—and summer, sadly, even shorter—so it’s always nice to have fun with a new hue while you still can (because, you know, receding hairlines).

Read on for the latest trends in men’s hair color ideas for this year. Also, because we know coloring is already a big step, we’ve spared you the guesswork and matched these shades to your most-requested haircuts. They’ll look great with your new tan, we promise!

Fun, Fresh Men’s Hair Color Ideas for Summer

men's hair color ideas bleached undercut
Bleached tops will only look cooler and more street as your roots grow out. Photo credit: Dvora

Bleached Blonde
Best for: undercuts and fades

We’re starting out strong. You’re already sporting the most popular cut of the year, so why not upgrade it with a head-turning color that’s also the hottest of 2016? Platinum blonde also gets a punkier feel when it’s left slightly rooty, which is what you can achieve by leaving the shaven sides of your fade in your natural color. The contrast of your top and roots also looks super cool when pulled into a top knot or man bun. Be sure to stock up on purple shampoo like Bed Head by TIGI Dumb Blonde Purple Toning Shampoo that can clean your hair as it helps with brassiness.

men's hair color ideas clear gloss
Gloss is a great way to give personality to dark and/or simple haircuts. Photo credit:

Clear Gloss
Best for: short, clean-cut hair; afros; short fades

Fratty hairstyles, such as the clean-cut crop, and natural textures like afros are making a comeback this year (hey, what’s not to love about some guy-next-door charm?). Highlight the cut with some shiny strands, which, if you’re color-shy, you can get by asking your stylist for a clear gloss. Best for all hair textures, a coating of gloss can make otherwise dry hair seem healthier-looking, and may even brighten existing color that’s faded especially after a lot of time outdoors in the sun.


men's hair color ideas for summer mohawk
Silver, gray or platinum on a mohawk makes quite the statement.

Silvery Gray
Best for: pomps, fauxhawks

The best way to rock the gray hair trend is to make it look as deliberate as possible, so if you’re already in the salt-and-pepper stage, we suggest you skip this one. Otherwise, ask your stylist for a single-process color (disclaimer: there will be bleaching involved) and style with equally confident height, such as in a faux/mohawk, pomp or the more democratic quiff. Worn on too-short or spiky hair though it can look dated and frosted, so better choose it to enhance thicker, longer tops instead. Make sure to use some Bed Head for Men by TIGI Pure Texture Molding Paste to help you define your look while also adding texture to your mane.


men's hair color ideas for summer copper curls
You can go easy on the styling—this shade and texture both speak for themselves. Photo credit:

Best for: curly hair, mop tops

Maximize the geek-chic of your messy, curly hair by coloring it the color of pennies. Since it’s not as common, dudes with a glorious, unapologetic head of curls are used to attention, so amping things up with an awesome yet natural-looking red should be easy-peasy. We must warn that red fades pretty quickly, so choose a shade that has more warm, bronzy tones in it such as ginger or copper (rather than, say, the color of your girlfriend’s bright lipstick) so it still looks natural even as it lightens up.


men's hair color ideas golden sombre
Want more natural-looking highlights? Ask for a color that’s only three shades lighter than your virgin hair.

Golden Brown Sombré
Best for: afros; wavy hair; modern mullets

Relax, all this means is subtler highlights, where your tips are a lighter caramel or golden blonde shade versus your roots. This is a process that can look very natural—like you just spent days laying out under the sun, so your hair just lightened ever-so-slightly—or it can look more fashionably streaky, depending on preference. Obviously, softer light brown highlights are easier to grow out, which makes this a good option for dark-haired guys coloring for the first time. This style also gives more dimension to the hair on top of your head, so guys with mullets, bedheads and afros can freshen up their oldie-but-goodie looks with this technique. Use some Axe Clean Cut Look: Classic Pomade to help your own structured style.

Which of these men’s hair color ideas are you willing to try?