Men’s Hair Color: 10 Rad Color Ideas and Products for Styling

Update your look with a cool color.

Are you obsessed with updating your look with a fresh new hair color? Are you into colors that pop like rainbow hues? We just may have a few more hair color ideas to add to your list. Bonus: If you’re looking for new ways to style your hair when you debut your hair color, we’ve got that covered, too! Scroll down to get inspired by these totally rad men’s hair color ideas and the hair products along with tips you need to create the styles.

1. Baby Pink Hair

baby pink men's hair color
We love a nice pink-blonde. Photo credit: Allyson Alapont

There’s something so soft and gentle about baby pink. If you are into colors that don’t give off a loud effect, go for this hue. How to style it? Go with a buzz, of course!

2. Bleach Blonde

men's hair color: bleach blonde
Go blonde, all the way. Photo credit: Dvora

Achieving the perfect blonde hair color isn’t an easy task, but we can assure that once you get the hue you’re after, it’s worth it. Slick your blonde strands back and use a styling pomade, like Bed Head for Men by TIGI Slick Trick, to lock it in place.

3. Cool Blue Hair Color

blue mens hair color
Got the blues?

Try cool tones like this denim blue on your hair. You can simply put a temporary rinse over blonde or white hair to achieve the look. If you want a permanent look, go for blue men’s hair dye.

4. Brown

brown men's hair color
Classic light brown will always be in style. Photo credit: Dvora

Not into extravagant hair colors? Stick to classic colors like brown and create a classic style, too. How about a combover?

5. Gray Hair

gray hair men's hair color
Gone gray! Photo credit: Allyson Alapont

You don’t have to wait until your hair begins to age to go gray. Do it now. If you don’t like the ashy finish, style hair with a pomade like AXE Smooth Look: Shine Pomade.

6. Hot Pink

men's hair color: hot pink
Dare to go neon. Photo credit:

In the mood for a striking hot hue? What about a neon pink? This is a way to get heads turning and it looks great against curly hair. To style, use a diffuser after washing to dry your hair and minimize frizz.

7. Rainbow Cut

rainbow cut men's hair color
Fun color block effect. Photo credit: Allyson Alapont

Remember those chocolate rainbow cakes many of use at as children (and probably even as adults)? We’d like to think that this men’s hair color idea was inspired by that sweet treat. Give your look a unique spin by pairing it up with a fun braid.

8. Red Curly Hair

red curly hair: men's hair color
Red curly locks.

If you’re a natural redhead, and want to update your look with a new style, try this voluminous curly look. Wash hair with Dove Men+Care Oxygen Fortifying Shampoo to cleanse and thicken your strands before styling. Not a redhead? Try using a men’s hair dye to get the look.

9. Ice White Hair

ice white men's hair color
Ice, ice, baby!

In for a chill? Go for an icy white-blue hue. Not up for compromising your natural hair color? Use a hair chalk or spray for a temporary look.

10. Yellow Blonde

men's hair color yellow blonde
That’s what we call a popping ‘fro. Photo credit:

The yellow blonde hue may not look great against everyone but you have to try it out to see if it works for you. We love how this color is styled on curly afro hair. Use a gel like Dove Men+ Care Control Gel to help define your curls.