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Editor’s Choice: Revamping Curly Hair with Dove Amplified Textures

As beautiful as natural curls and coils may look, it often takes a lot of hard work to style them.

Once the pandemic rolled around, like many others, my friend Michael Grullon stopped getting haircuts. For the first time in his life, he was not cutting his hair every other week. As a result, he was left to learn how to maneuver his curly hair for the first time ever. As his hair got longer, he struggled to keep up with the appearance of his curls. After he tried various products and techniques, he found some ease in his routine with Dove Amplified Textures Products. Specifically, the Amplified Textures Twist In Moisture Shaping Butter Cream and the Amplified Textures Define N’ Moisture Styling Gel. 

Editor’s Choice: Revamping Curly Hair with Dove’s Amplified Texture

About Dove Amplified Textures  

Dove Amplified Textures is a collection that was created to nourish and enhance hair while simplifying styling for those who have coily, curly, or wavy hair. Every product is made with natural ingredients such as honey, jojoba, aloe, and coconut oil to cater to each curly hair type.

What I also love about Dove is that they are devoted to building the self-esteem of individuals of various communities through their inclusive product range that features products like this! Adding on to that, it is beautiful to see how Dove actively played a role in working to pass the CROWN Act.

About Michael’s Curls

Michael struggled with matte looking hair and curl dullness in between washes.
After amplifying his curls with both products.

Michael has tight 3C curls. His curl pattern appears the most enhanced in the first few hours after a hair wash. However, depending on the season, and especially in the warmer months, throughout the day heat and humidity may dull down his curls. Additionally, if he sleeps on his curls or has second-day hair, Michael’s curls will also appear dull and matte until styled or washed again. 

After I gifted Michael the Amplified Textures Twist In Moisture Shaping Butter Cream, and the Amplified Textures Define N’ Moisture Styling Gel to try out, we saw a huge shift in his haircare routine and the consistent state of his curl pattern. 

Dove’s Amplified Textures in Action 

Michael implemented amplified textures into his routine by swapping out a few curl products that weren’t working as efficiently for him. After shampooing, conditioning, and brushing his hair with a wet brush, Michael uses the Twist in Moisture Shaping Butter Cream while his hair is still slightly damp. This helps to lock in his curl pattern in its most enhanced looking state even after the hair has dried. While spreading the product throughout his hair, he will also slightly individually wrap his curls around his finger to maintain structure and shape throughout the styling process. 

After doing this, when dealing with overnight or second-day hair, Michael uses a spritz bottle full of water to activate his curls. This also helps to prevent product buildup in his hair until his next wash. Afterward, he uses a wet brush to comb and detangle his hair. Lastly, he follows up with the Define N’ Moisture Styling Gel to make his curls look bouncy, shiny, and nourished.  

Our Experience with Dove Amplified Textures 

“My hair hasn’t looked this healthy and radiant in such a long time!… I am so happy I finally found the right products to help me do that”
Michael G - After trying Amplified Textures Products

“My hair hasn’t looked this healthy and radiant in such a long time,” Michael said after trying the products over the course of a week. “When I made the decision to stop cutting my hair, even after the barbershops began opening back up, this is exactly how I imagined my curls would flourish. I am so happy I finally found the right products to help me do that.”

It was definitely amazing to see the shift in the consistent appearance of Michael’s curls. He said his confidence received a boost as a result of trying these products. When playing with the products myself, I especially loved how lightweight the products were. I was impressed with how the styling gel was not the slightest bit sticky or crunchy like most traditional gels. It felt as moisturizing as hair cream. 

Michael loved these hair products so much that he went out and purchased more products from the amplified texture line. He is excited to continue trying more products from this line that will help him enhance his curly hair routine. 

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