Dynamic Duos: 6 Two-Toned Hairstyles We’re Obsessed With

These color ideas are playful and unexpected. 

Solid, one-dimensional hair color definitely makes for a classic look, but if you have ever wanted to experiment with something new and exciting, it never hurts to play with a combination of two different hair colors. Two-toned hair may seem bold and intense, but it can work as a wearable everyday style depending on which color combo you chose. Whether you opt for a bold two-toned pixie cut, or a long dip-dye style, read on to check out six two-toned hairstyles that are sure to inspire your new look.

6 Two-Toned Styles We Love

Two-toned crop cuts are chic and dramatic
Two-toned color keeps your crop cuts fresh and exciting. Photo credit: Dvora

1. Bold Two-Toned Crop Cut

Hair color is all about personal expression, so if you find yourself wanting to show off your fiery personality, trying a look with a dramatic pop of color is totally for you. Major contrast is a key element to this bold two-toned look, so if you want something unexpected, try placing a chunk of cherry red, cerulean blue, or hot pink color at the center of cropped cuts. However, with all bold colors comes necessary care at home. To maintain your color, use the Suave Professionals Color Protection Shampoo and the Suave Professionals Color Protection Conditioner whenever it’s time to give your hair a wash. 

Two-toned pigtails look sharp and fashion-forward.
Unleash your wild side with a two-toned pigtail look!

 2. Two-Toned Pigtails

If you ever wanted a color look that screams total street style, two-toned pigtails (or braids!) make a highly trendy look that instantly commands attention. To wear your dip-dye style in proper fashion, wear with a killer coat or sexy leather boots to stand out from the crowd.

Two-toned pixies are sultry and intriguing
A two-toned blonde pixie is anything but boring.

3. Two-Toned Pixie

Two-toned color also looks stunning on shorter pixie cuts, especially when the side and top parts of your cut has noticeable contrast. To show off your edgy color in style, use the Bed Head by TIGI Manipulator Cream to add some playful spikes and waves to your cut.  

Two-toned angled cuts look natural yet cutting edge.
Balayage allows you to create two-toned looks in unexpected places. Photo credit: Dvora

4. Two-Toned Angled Bob

Color blocked bobs are another two-toned style that are completely unexpected, yet appears completely natural. Get this funky look by placing lighter color on the bangs and top parts of the head, while placing the darker contrasting colors on the bottom. Make sure your cut is angled or stacked to help accentuate your contrasting color.

Two-toned dip-dye color looks natural yet trendy
Long two-toned waves bring on the Bohemian chic. Photo credit: Suzanne Cohen Photography

5. Long Dip-Dye

A natural dip-dye can look much like an ombre, as the ends contrast greatly from the roots. But unlike most ombre looks, dip-dye styles usually ditch the extreme cascading effect, focusing on a solid color on the top, and lighter shade on the ends. Best worn in beachy waves or loose curls, use the Catwalk by TIGI Curls Rock Amplifier to show off your dip-dye look easily.

Two-toned color is achievable through balayage techniques
Chunky Platinum pieces look amazing against lighter brown hair. Photo credit: Dvora

6. Piecey Two-Toned Look

A balayage technique helps you get that two-tone look, especially since it allows you to place highlighted sections on certain parts of the hair. If you are looking for a more natural two-toned style, try placing pops of platinum blonde color (looks awesome on bangs!) against light brown tresses for a truly striking look.  

Obsessed with bold, eye-catching color? Here are all the reasons why you should try chocolate mauve hair!

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