Short Hair for Summer: Why You Should Consider Going for the Chop

Cut it all off. 

Much like the faulty emotional wiring that somehow led an entire generation of women to think that getting bangs was an even remotely appropriate reaction to a bad day, cutting all your hair off can feel like a similarly insane yet gratifying idea. In the time it takes you to get to your stylist’s chair you somehow convince yourself that a short haircut will solve all your problems. Well, today we’re here to tell you that you’re right. Short hair for summer is, in fact, the answer to most of your current problems.

Short hair for summer is the key to looking chic in an unparalleled IDGAF kind of way. Long hair? Me? Not in this heat. No matter how you style it, short hair sends the message: I am confident and cool and don’t need the hair length to prove it. If we haven’t convinced you yet, this short collection of styles undoubtedly will:

1. Easy Knot

short hair for summer small knotted bun
Tie it up into a chic knot. Photo credit:

What used to be a weighed down messy bun only appropriate for a Psych 101 freshman year turns into a chic knot when your long tresses are swapped for a short bob. Use Bed Head by TIGI Wax Stick on your short hair for summer to smooth out any flyaways!

2. Sleek Bob

short hair for summer sleek bob
This is the season for sleek styles. Photo credit:

If you’re looking for a boost of confidence in the form of a haircut, you’ve found it. The sleek bob will have you feeling sexy and bold while keeping you cool in all kinds of unbearable heat.

3. Messy & Chic

short hair for summer messy chic
Messy easily becomes chic. Photo credit:

Take that same short hair for summer formula and apply it to a low bun for an easy and chic day-off style. Add a pair of trendy shades and you’re golden.

4. Blunt Bob

short hair for summer chic bob
Opt for a blunt bob. Photo credit:

This is your chance to try out the blunt bob trend during a season when you’ll appreciate that kind of air-flow on the back of your neck.

5. Accessorize

short hair for summer accessories
Take the opportunity to accessorize. Photo credit:

The headband trend takes center stage when paired with a short style. Let the accessories do the talking and allow your hair to take a breather by opting for short hair for summer.

6. Blunt and Sleek

Blunt ends give a bob a dose of off-the-moment cool. Photo credit: Shaquille Dunbar

We love ourselves a classic bob, and the clean ends of this one in particular, juxtaposed with just a bit of detail via slick edges on the side part, are just too charming.

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