Hair Treatment Ideas for National Champagne Day

Cheers to great hair!

We could all use a bit of pampering. What better day than National Champagne Day, which also falls on New Year’s Eve, to get ourselves ready to ring in the new year? This is the time that we should all relax for a bit, write down our goals and create new hair habits. All with a glass of champagne!

Read on for a roundup of our favorite posts that will help you enjoy this day! Cheers!

1. Give yourself a scalp scrub for National Champagne Day.

Don’t be surprised if you’re coming across a lot of scalp scrub products in 2019. Scalp scrubs are so beneficial to the health of your scalp and can also be used to help yourself de-stress. Read our guide on why you should be using one. While you’re at it, use our tips to create your very own scrub with RE-Fresh Scalp Care Honeysuckle & White Willow Bark Anti-Dandruff Conditioner after cleansing with RE-Fresh Scalp Care Honeysuckle & White Willow Bark Anti-Dandruff Shampoo.

national champagne day: girls night in
Pop.Clink.Fizz! Cheers to great hair all 2019!?

2. Revitalize your hair.

Let’s take some notes from our tips on revitalizing your hair before your java fix. In honor of National Champagne Day, let’s switch out java for champagne. Your job is to get your hair in shape before it’s time to clink those glasses of champagne with your girls.

3. Overnight it.

Thinking of drinking a few glasses without having a care in the world? We feel ya! Don’t forget that you have to look good for the New Year. Take our tips on how to make your hair look good while you catch up on much-needed rest.

4. Go for an at-home spa treatment.

If you decide to use National Champagne Day as a way to create your own little at-home spa oasis, we’ve got you covered. Stay in and treat yourself like the queen that you are. This D.I.Y. coconut oil hair mask leaves you with conditioned and luxurious locks. Kick back, pour a bit of bubbly and treat yourself!

5. A relaxing nighttime hair care routine.

There’s nothing like taking the day off literally and physically. This relaxing nighttime hair care routine helps leave you feeling oh-so rejuvenated. All you need is a hair mask, a fragrant shampoo and conditioner, a nourishing hair oil and some champagne, of course!