Multitask and Multimask: Uncommon Hair Tricks When Sleeping

Put the good in good night.

Hair care is, as most of us know by now, mostly a 24-hour thing. Just like taking care of our skin and the rest of our bodies, it’s not something we can forget about as soon as we end our workdays. Healthy-looking and healthy-feeling hair takes work, which is why we subscribe to taking care of it as often as we can and yes, even looking up some hair tricks when sleeping to get us ready for the next day.

We’ve all heard our share of helpful hair hacks—some well-founded, others not so much—that aim to get our tresses in tip-top shape. Here, we list some of our own favorite tricks that have helped us through some pretty annoying bad hair days. Read on and see if these work for you:

Helpful Hair Tricks When Sleeping

hair tricks when sleeping braids
Try an upside-down braid for a comfier night’s sleep. Photo credit:

1. Get Braiding

Setting yourself up to sleep in a head full of braids isn’t the most comfortable thing in the world, we’ll give you that. However, if time shaved in the morning is a big thing in your book—as well as not foregoing that covetable wavy texture—then it’s a compromise we should all be willing to make sometimes. For a more pillow-friendly take, try prepping your hair with a mousse (we like Dove Style+Care Curls Defining Mousse) and creating a high ponytail full of upside-down braids. Unfurl when you wake up in the morning and enjoy your head full of beachy bends.

hair tricks when sleeping top knot
Affix the bun as close to your hairline as you can get.

2. Loose Top Knot

We’ve all tried these kinds of hair tricks when sleeping at least once, but here’s the kicker: Flip your head over so hair is at the very top of your crown (three inches from your hairline at most) and then coil around loosely. How you secure it is up to your preference—hairpins vs. hair ties, depending on your hair’s thickness—but the best volumized/texturized locks definitely come in from being urged on with a texturizing spray, such as Suave Professionals Sea Mineral Infusion Texturizing Sea Salt Spray.

hair tricks when sleeping hair oil wrap
Wrapping hair up overnight helps product infuse deeper into strands.

3. Wrap It Up

Masking and deep conditioning overnight is a tried-and-true method that helps us wake up with silkier locks in the morning, but those of us with fine, thin hair may have some trouble with limpage. Dose yourself reasonably; some find doing this process with a hair oil (we like Nexxus New York Salon Care Oil Infinite Nourishing Oil) find that this is more forgiving on finer strands. Either way, wearing a wrap on your head as you sleep helps slathering on your conditioner of choice feel more like an indulgence than a chore.

Want more simple but helpful hair tips? Check out how to create your own scalp scrub.

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