D.I.Y. Spa Night: How to Create a Hair Mask With Coconut Oil

Miriam Herst | 15 July 2018
hair mask with coconut oil woman in towel

How to instantly soften your strands.

You’ve likely heard all about the coconut oil hype as a product that can do everything from clearing up acne, softening the skin to allegedly being the healthier replacement to any oil alternative you might cook with. Coconut oil is also a great moisturizing agent for the hair that can soften frizz and smooth down your locks. Today we’re teaching you how to create a really easy hair mask with coconut oil for your next DIY spa night. Keep reading for our best tips for how to create a hair mask with coconut oil:

How to Create a Hair Mask with Coconut Oil

hair mask with coconut oil jar
The secret to your new favorite hair mask: coconut oil edition

The consistency of coconut oil changes depending on the temperature of the oil itself. The colder the oil is the harder it will be while warmed oil will have a completely liquid consistency. You can find coconut oil at your local drugstore or any supermarket and you should store it depending on your preferences about how solid you’d like the product to be. Store it in the fridge for a hard paste and in a room temperature environment for a softer and more oily consistency.

When it comes to a D.I.Y. coconut oil hair mask the consistency will really depend on your process. If you’re looking for a product to apply to your hair after your usual conditioner that you’ll leave on for the duration of your shower, using warm and liquid-like coconut oil is no problem. If you’re looking for a slightly more heavy duty conditioning treatment you can use the coconut oil as a mask.

D.I.Y. Liquid Coconut Oil Mask

1. Make sure it’s stored properly.

Simply store the jar in your shower. Since this oil is very thick, the heat of the water can soften it.

2. How to apply it.

Run the oil through damp strands while you wash your body and shave your legs.

3. The best way to rinse it.

Rinse the oil out at the end of the shower for super silky strands. Be sure rinse with shampoo to ensure that the coconut oil is out of your hair.

D.I.Y. Solid Coconut Oil Mask

1. How to apply it:

After you wash your hair, run the paste-like coconut oil through the bottom three-fourths of your hair. The oil will melt from the warmth of your hands as it absorbs into your strands.

2. Let it sit.

Leave the oil on for anywhere from ten minutes to a few hours. Some people even opt to wrap their hair in plastic and sleep in the coconut oil overnight!

3. Wash it out.

Whatever time frame you choose, rinse out the oil. Leon-van Gorkom, Senior Manager Hair – North America of Unilever R&D noted: “Wash with a little shampoo (or even conditioner) to remove excess oil.”

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