3 Things you Need to Know About Murumuru Butter

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Have you ever heard about murumuru butter? If you’re familiar with the benefits of shea butter and enjoy using it, murumuru butter is just another earth-friendly ingredient to incorporate into your hair and skin routine.

Since, as our name suggests, we’re all about hair, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about this powerhouse of hair care ingredients. Read on as we break down what you need to know:

murumuru butter seeds
The butter is scooped up from the inside of the seeds.

1. What is Murumuru Butter hair benefits?

Extracted from the seeds of the Astrocaryum murumuru plant that is found and grown across the Amazon in Brazil, it comes from the white fat found in the nuts of a palm tree. The butter is an emollient which is good for moisturization.

2. How does Murumuru Butter benefit hair?

Since the ingredient is classified as an emollient, it can help moisturize hair. It can also aid in the softening of your hair which may increase manageability when styling or carrying out your hair care routine. People that deal with dry hair can use this butter to remedy their strands.

3. How do you use this ingredient in hair care routines?

There are some people who have access to this murumuru butter hair in its natural form. However, that may not be the case for us. The butter can be used alone on hair and skin. As it’s becoming more popular, it’s also added to formulas of hair care lines. Specifically those for dry, damaged or color-treated hair.

Thanks to Love Beauty and Planet, there are a couple of color-treated hair care products infused with this butter that you can use on your hair. First up is the Love Beauty & Planet Murumuru Sulfate-Free Butter and Rose Shampoo. This shampoo is also 93% naturally derived and cruelty-free, paraben-free, silicone-free, sulfate-free, dye-free, & formulated without phthalates.

After using this, follow up with the Love Beauty and Planet Blooming Color Murumuru Butter & Rose Conditioner or Love Beauty and Planet Blooming Color Murmur Butter & Rose 2-Minute Magic Masque for a deeper treatment. This collection focuses on moisturizing strands, and leaving hair with a healthy gloss.


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