If You’re Not Using a Shine Spray for Hair, You’re Doing It Wrong

The product you didn't know you needed... until now. 

Have you ever tried to finish your style with a healthy and glossy-looking shine where you end up with your feeling hair weighed down or clumped together? We’ve been there, done that and eventually learned that we were using the wrong hair care products for all the wrong reasons. To achieve weightless and shiny locks, this is where a shine spray for hair comes in.

Before we dive into what shine spray for hair you should be using for shiny (not greasy) and beautiful locks, let’s just say this: If you prefer hair with a matte finish that is totally okay; we’re not at all suggesting that you must finish your hair with a shiny look! After all, matte hairstyles are totally in these days. However, if you’re looking for a boost of shine so your hair doesn’t look or feel dry or lifeless (unless that, too, is intentional), we’ve got some of the best hair shine sprays to try on your hair. Read on to learn about some of top picks:

1. When should you use a shine spray for hair?

Whenever you’re wearing a hairstyle that calls for shine, spray it on. This can be anything from Hollywood curls to sleek wet-looking updos. When to apply a shine spray on your hair depends on the type of spray you’re using. If you’re using a shine spray for hair that’s not labeled as a finishing spray, you can apply it your hair as a pre-styler. If it’s a hairspray, it should be the very last step of your hair styling routine.

shine spray for hair: shiny Hollywood curls
Using heat styling tools to create your favorite hairstyles can be drying and leave your hair with a matte finish. Replenish the sheen with the help of a shine spray for hair.

On the other hand, you may need a shine spray when using heat styling tools. Heat-styling leaves you with beautiful straight or curly styles but it can also be extremely drying to your hair if you don’t employ the right hair products into your styling routine. A shine spray is ideal for restoring the shiny look of your hair.

shine spray for hair: wet hair updo
Achieve sexy and long-lasting wet hair styles by finishing with a shine spray that provides shine and hold.

2. What’s the best shine spray?

Truth be told, we have a few favorites but one of the best shine sprays on our radar at the moment is Bed Head by TIGI Masterpiece Massive Shine Hairspray. Use this spray whenever you’re in the mood for super shiny hair with a strong hold. This shine hairspray is perfect for hairstyles like sleek updos. To use it on your hair, simply hold the can 8-10 inches away from your hair and spray all over your hair. This hairspray will leave you with humidity resistant hair, lots of shine, and a hairstyle that’s long-lasting.

3. Who can use a shine spray on their hair?

Shine spray works for every hair type, it all depends on the look you’re going for. If you have textured hair (curls or waves) and want a shiny finish, add this to your hair styling arsenal!