How Tos: Easy 5 Steps Guide to the Perfect Side Part Curly Hairstyle

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Effortlessly fun and versatile – there’s no other way to describe a deep side part on curly hair. It’s a statement of its own and honestly, one of the quickest tricks to pump up the volume, especially if you’re short on time.

Regardless of your texture, the key is to use a product to “wake up” your tresses so it can be curled into thin, delicate spirals. Go for light-as-a-feather, hydrating formulas so you don’t weigh down the overall finished look.

We promise you’ll love this easy, refreshing hairstyle – perfect for a casual night around town and even elegant parties, when paired with classic accessories. The choice is yours! Keep reading to learn how to side part curly hair in minutes.

Step 1

Prep your hair.

Working your way through damp hair, start by applying a cream or serum to prep your strands. For this kind of job, our best bet is Dove Hair Therapy Defrizz and Define – it is lightweight (key to amplify your curls without making them heavy) and its formula will deep condition dry mid-ends as well as controlling frizz for 48 hours. The hero we didn’t know we needed!

model applying Dove product to damp hair


Step 2

Comb throughly.

Now, gently brush your hair to get rid of any knots with a wide tooth comb. As wet hair is weaker, make sure you begin to comb your mid-ends first before moving up to your roots. This technique will leave you with a protected, tangle-free mane!

model combing through hair
Step 3

Wake up those waves.

To build up some extra volume for your side part curly hair, we move onto an old-time favorite: a diffuser! Simply scrunch section by section with upward movements to kiss humidity goodbye and define your waves.

model diffusing wet hair
Step 4

Curls, curls, curls.

The moment we have been waiting for! Take an inch section and curl it all the way, slightly leaving the ends out. Size does matter here, so get yourself a 0.5 barrel curling iron for our side part curly hair ‘do. Its tight wand will create smaller spirals, no matter the length or texture. Larger sizes, like 1.25”, are perfect for beachy waves. While a curling wand of 2” or 3”, usually works better for loose styles or less pronounced bends.

model curling one section of hair to the side
Step 5

Define your side part.

Repeat the last step all over, making sure you’re curling your hair both clockwise and counter-clockwise for a more natural look. For the front pieces, try to curl it away from your face. Fluff the curls with your fingers when you’re done and let’s go straight to business: the ultimate side part! 

Taking your brow bone as a reference, start creating a deep, neat side part from your hairline to the crown of your head. For easiness, use a rat tail comb to move any stray hairs off your perfectly defined line. Slightly press over the side part to set it in place and don’t be afraid to apply a few drops of spray or styling cream, especially if you have any sort of cowlick or whorls going on.

model curling hair section by section and parting them on one side
Step 6


Done! Your side part curly hair is ready to serve looks whenever you go. At this point, avoid brushing out at all costs. Remember, we want definition! If you must fix your mane, use your fingers to softly scrunch or fluff your curls.

model showing final side part curly hair look on side angle

While a centered line is stepping back into the spotlight, we can’t help falling in love with this side part curly hair – it’s lively, it’s cool, and it gives you all the volume your curls need to wow everybody!  

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