Hairstyles for Thick Hair

8 Easy and Modern Hairstyles for Thick Curly Hair

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Hairstyle ideas that’ll look awesome on your thick, curly hair.

We have been loving that more and more people are embracing their thick, curly hair and wearing it as is. But, like any hair type, those with curly hair might get bored from time-to-time so it’s always good to have hairstyles for thick curly hair on-hand that are both easy to create and modern. From space buns to the ever-trendy top knot, we’ve got you covered! Ready to try out something new on your thick, curly hair? Read on to check out eight of our favorite hairstyles for thick curly hair that you’ve got to try this season.

Easy Hairstyles for Thick Curly Hair: 8 Ways to Style Your Curls

hairstyles for thick curly hair
Go for a dramatic part with your curls for a head-turning hairstyle.

1. Deep Side Part

Show off your long curly hair with a deep side part. To get this easy hairstyle, spray some of the TRESemmé Botanique Nourish & Replenish Mist onto your dry hair. Then simply create a deep side parting, focusing creating volume and depth to your thick hair.

hairstyles for thick curly hair fishtail braid
A fun hairstyle, like a fishtail braid, is a fun style for curly hair.

2. Fishtail Braid

Fishtail braids are totally doable hairstyles for thick curly hair. To master this look, check out our full tutorial where we show you how to create a fishtail braid on curly hair. Then, swoop your braid to the side and you’ll be good to go.

hairstyles for thick curly hair space buns
Break up bulk in your hair by creating space buns.

3. Space Buns

Try out this cool ’90s hairstyle with a twist by rocking modern space buns. To create your space buns start off by parting your hair down the center. Then, create two pigtails and wrap each section in a messy bun, enabling you to show off your curly, thick hair as you show off this trendy hairstyle.

hairstyles for thick curly hair pinned back fro hawk
Rock a fohawk with your curly hair. Photo credit: Verity Jane Smith

4.Fohawk Hairstyle

Create a cool fohawk by pinning back the sides of your thick curly hair. To create the slicked back sides, start by using your fingers to comb back your hair. Then, to get a sleek look, use a boar bristle brush to catch any little hairs that may pop out and pin into place. We love that this look can be done with plain bobby pins or fun clips! Lock in your cool new hairstyle by using some of the TRESemmé Curl Locking Styling Spray.

hairstyles for thick curly hair half updo
Break up some of the thickness in your hair by rocking a half-up hairstyle.

5. Two-Minute Half Updo

This simple half updo is one of our favorite hairstyles because it looks great on every face shape, and you guessed it: it’s so easy to create! All you need to do is section off the top part of your hair and pull it together in a ponytail.

hairstyles for thick curly hair top knot
Take some thickness off from your hair by trying out a top knot.

6. Half Up Top Knot

Just like the half updo, this half up top knot takes about two minutes to complete. For this style, section off the top of your hair and create a bun. We think this style looks so gorgeous on curly hair because it is so voluminous.

hairstyles for thick curly hair low ponytail
Pull all of your hair out of your face and create a low ponytail.

7. Braided Low Ponytail

Add extra interest to your average ponytail by incorporating braided accents into your ponytail. For complete details on this look, follow our tutorial to help you recreate this two-sided braided ponytail. It’s super cute and should only take a couple of minutes to create.

hairstyles for thick curly hair Pineapple updo
A chic pineapple hairstyle to try on your thick, curly hair.

8. Pineapple Updo

We love the look of pineapple hair! It’s so fun and as a bonus, it can give you an extra day or two between washes. Follow this tutorial to get the perfect pineapple hairstyle.

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06 December 2016